Mass Effect 5: After the rumor of a return of Shepard, BioWare makes things clear!

Mass Effect 5: After the rumor of a return of Shepard, BioWare makes things clear!

Game News Mass Effect 5: After the rumor of a return of Shepard, BioWare makes things clear!

We are still a long way from seeing it happen, BioWare having indicated there is little to have really started the development of the game, but Mass Effect 5 is a lot of talk about him. Having the heavy task of succeeding the divisive Andromeda, the game fuels many rumors.

For the moment, we know very little about Mass Effect 5. We had a teaser to tell us that the license was coming back, then an artwork published last November on the occasion of N7 Day.

A poster, and a rumor

In this image, we see a ship on which it is registered SFX (the code name of the first Mass Effect), four characters including a kroganand a crater whose the form evokes a Geth. For those who don’t know, a Geth is a synthetic life form that once threatened life in the Milky Way, and that shares a common consciousness through all of its “individuals”. Only a few days ago this image was declined in a large poster and in 400 numbered copies referred to as “Mysteries from the Future”, which fans can offer yourself for 45 dollars on the studio’s online store.

Accompanying the 60.9 x 47.7 cm product was a description that stated: “As Shepard and the survivors must pick up the pieces, fans are wondering what’s next (on the journey).” A description that has very quickly ignited the Webwho saw in it a potential teaser announcing Shepard’s Return, which would definitely be very resistant! It must be said that it is not yet known whether Mass Effect 5 will take place in the Milky Way, in the Andromeda Galaxy, elsewhereneither at what time. Suffice to say that the theories are numerous, but BioWare jealously guards the secret until the day the communication begins. Mention of Shepard has been removedand the description now says this:

MASS EFFECT WILL CONTINUE… And in the preview poster we received from the BioWare team as part of N7 Day 2021, there’s a lot to discover. The special pearlescent gloss finish and high quality printing ensure that no detail is lost, down to specks of dust and snow. So get ready, hang this lithograph on your wall and get ready for the next chapter of Mass Effect.

Error or leak? BioWare communicates

So, a simple approximation, or an error of the managers of the shop? The answer comes from Michael Gamble himself, who is none other than the project director and a license veteran. In response to a tweet, he said:

Yeah, that was a mistake. It has been repaired.

In response to another tweet, he adds:

The original (text) was written by someone who runs the store and is not familiar with the game.

In other words, the people in charge of putting derivative products online are not, for the moment in any case, not aware of what is going on from a scriptwriting point of view at BioWare’s premises in Edmonton. A choice that allows prevent unwanted leaks, but which can sometimes cause this type of situation. As a reminder, Mass Effect 5 has no no exit window yetor dedicated platforms.

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