Mask Singer: this huge blunder by Karine Ferri concerning Denitsa Ikonomova and Kev Adams

Mask Singer

The suspense was at its height on May 13, 2022. Indeed, it was the grand finale of the third season of “Mask Singer” on the screens of TF1. The evening was rich in emotion, especially for Karine Ferri. This caused a sensation alongside the Papillon. A performance that aroused the curiosity of Camille Combal and the juries who did not fail to ask Karine who is hiding behind the Butterfly. The answer of this one made react Kev Adams.

The grand finale of “Mask Singer”

As it has been said, the emotion was there on the set of the show “Mask Singer” during the grand finale. Karine Ferri, present for this great moment to create the surprise by interpreting the title “I don’t know” by Celine Dion in the guise of a spider. After “Dancing with the stars”, this one therefore revealed to the general public one of her talents: singing.

His performance alongside the Papillon earned him applause. She also aroused the curiosity of Camille Combal and the members of the jury. Faced with questions, he asked for the predictions of his former colleague from “Dancing with the stars”.

“We have seven more weeks of investigation than you… But having sung in duet, does the voice speak to you? Do you have a lead? “Asked him Camille Combal.

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“He’s not my ex”

After some hesitation, Karine Ferri confessed:

“I didn’t recognize the voice. On the other hand, I observed his physique well. She’s not very tall… She’s muscular. I would say maybe more of a dancer. »

The one who was hiding under Papillon’s costume then came out to him:

“We spent a lot of evenings together. »

It was enough for the ex-girlfriend of Grégory Lemarchal to possibly recognize the personality hidden behind the mask. “Denitsa Ikonomova”she said proudly. “I am 100% connected”confirmed Kev Adams.

Karine Ferri could not help but indulge in some revelations about the comedian’s past. “But… She’s Kev’s ex?” », she wondered. A question that the principal concerned quickly answered by saying:

” Not at all. He’s not my ex and I’m totally available. »

Notice to all admirers of the young humorist, it turns out that Kev Adam’s is a heart to take. So the message got through.

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Mask Singer: Who is Denitsa Ikonomova’s secret lover?

If Kev Adams is “available” as if he said it well, this is not the case of Denitsa Ikonomova. The “Dancing with the Stars” jury was in a relationship with Rayane Bensetti before spinning mad love with another man now.

In fact, the couple separated. The young actor was spotted kissing singer and actress Camille Lellouche which meant their relationship was over. And that’s not all ! Camille Lellouche was particularly pleased to explain his couple. Which must not have pleased the Bulgarian dancer!

Nevertheless, some time later, Denitsa Ikonomova was able to fall in love again. The lucky winner is none other than François Alu, one of his colleagues from Dancing with the Stars. Even if the beautiful brunette has not yet confirmed the romance and had revealed to NRJ magazine that she only maintains friendship with him, her fans and the media are convinced of the contrary.

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The clues prove that they were in a relationship. A magazine reveals that the two lovebirds have become very close in just 3 weeks. They don’t leave each other anymore. They leave publications on social networks with intriguing clues.

Who is Francois Alu?

François Alu was able to be part of the jury of “Dancing with the stars” thanks to his immense talent in dance. He is a remarkable character. He has also received various awards for his prowess.

The current secret lover of Denitsa Ikonomova has known dance since a very young age, namely since the age of 6. But he only focused on this area. According to Gala’s revelations, in addition to being a professional in several dance categories, he is also a singer and does hip-hop.