Mark Zuckerberg tackles France to fulfill his virtual ambitions

Mark Zuckerberg s'attaque à la France pour accomplir ses ambitions virtuelles

News hardware Mark Zuckerberg tackles France to fulfill his virtual ambitions

Particularly determined to share its virtual reality offer with as many people around the world as possible, Meta has just formalized the launch of its Horizon Worlds VR platform in France. If you want to see a piece of the future desired by Mark Zuckerberg, now is the time to draw your Meta Quest 2.

By dint of hearing about Horizon Worlds in all the sauces on the side of Metawho has developed a real obsession with virtual reality in recent years, we had every right to imagine that the service was already available in France. Nay! The proof: it is this week that this virtual reality platform arrives in certain European countries, including France. Spain is also eligible. It was through a Facebook post that Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Meta, announced the news via a visual that speaks for itself.

Horizon Worlds is available since December 2021 in the United States and Canadaand since last June in the United Kingdom. France and Spain are the first two non-English speaking countries to have access. To access this platform, you must have a Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset (formerly Oculus Quest 2), and register on Meta’s registration platform which is specifically aimed at Horizon Worlds.

The platform is reserved for users who are at least 18 years old. We can also remember that Meta carries out increased control of the access that its users may have to content clearly prohibited for minors. However, it seems that the company wants to concentrate the use of Horizon Worlds as much as possible for an adult audience.

What is Horizon Worlds, Mark Zuckerbeg’s desired future social network?

Horizon Worlds aims to offer owners of an Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset hundreds of environments allowing them to interact, in VR, with users from all over the world.. There are both areas focused on social and others to enjoy games, concerts of famous artists, stand-up shows, but also professional appointments. Some companies even organize recruitment campaigns within Horizon Worlds.

We could simply summarize this platform as being Metaverse’s Demonstration of Metavers. You can meet new people there as well as find family and friends, provided that everyone has a virtual reality headset. Meta recently said they are working on a version that doesn’t necessarily require a headset to access as to make the whole thing a little more accessible.

The goal of Meta is to make headset owners want to spend more and more time in the metaverse, and therefore to spend money there. to optimize their “virtual existence”. For the moment, this objective is far from being achieved: “This is obviously a business that is going to be very expensive over the next few years. But as the metaverse becomes more prominent in every part of our way of life, from our social platforms to entertainment, work, education and commerce, I’m confident we’re going to be glad we played a part. important in its construction”Mark Zuckerberg recently said during a meeting with Meta investors.

Once my account was created within the Horizon Worlds platform, I was able to download the application directly to my Meta Quest 2 headset.. It is also possible to download from a computer via this page. Access to the application is free but “in-game” content may be paid for.