Mandanda, reassuring and decisive, but…

Mandanda, reassuring and decisive, but…

Olympique de Marseille won 0-1 against Reims in the match of the 34th day of Ligue 1. Here is the rating and appreciation of Steve Mandanda, holder during this match in Reims.

Olympique de Marseille really had to win their match against Reims at the end of the 35th day of Ligue 1. The Marseilles had to keep the 6-point lead over Monaco and Rennes, and it was not easy. Faced with an ultra-defensive Stade de Reims, with a big low block but also moments of pressing, the team proposed by Jorge Sampaoli lacked rhythm and movement. Apart from a long shot from Milik at the start of the match, the Marseilles got very few chances. The first half is above all a series of bad passes and questionable choices. The Argentinian coach decided to bring in Payet and Gerson in the second half, which brought more technical precision and more movement, a feeling confirmed by the (late) entry into play of very restless Dieng. Gerson was very close to opening the scoring following a cross from the Senegalese international, but the Brazilian finally scored the only goal of the match following a pass from Payet. The former Flamengo joker mystified the defense with a magnificent technical gesture and a strike from the right. A splendid goal and a very important victory.

Established once again in Ligue 1, Mandanda did not concede a goal and reassures his defense…

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Steve Mandanda’s rating: 6/10


His appreciation FCM

Mandanda, reassuring and decisive, but…
Steve was once again a starter in Ligue 1, in anticipation of the Conference League semi-final, according to his coach, did not concede a goal. The captain was effective on the two three parries to be made, reassuring for his defense. The latter was also attentive to the depth, intervening several times wisely. He played high in order to participate in the construction of the game, he has a more precise long foot game than Pau Lopez but may have abused it. Indeed, the goalkeeper lost too much ball with his long raises, he was also sometimes late in his short raises not putting enough tempo while his team was sorely lacking. Note a small scare on a missed raise, but the whole remains solid. The duel with the Spanish goalkeeper seems to be well revived…

Media Notes

The Team 6/10 Established as announced by Sampaoli, he was vigilant on a strike from Matusiwa (18th) or a header from Munetsi (76th). And if he moved high as requested, cutting a few hot balls, he also got a fright on an unsteady pass for Rongier (37th) but Luan Peres was watching. A good match despite this giddiness.
Maxifoot 7/10 Chosen for this meeting in order to continue before the Europa League Conference, the Olympique de Marseille goalkeeper held his rank. Attentive on a first strike from Matusiwa, the French international was then interesting on his outings away from his cage. However, he still had a big scare on a missed raise, but Peres helped him well on his line. We liked his save on Munetsi’s header in the second half.
FootMercato 6/10

Preferred to Pau Lopez this Sunday, Steve Mandanda delivered a performance in the continuity of what he has been offering for a few weeks. Vigilant on his line, he made the necessary saves and reassured his defense which often needed it (36th, 57th, 74th, 75th). He did not hesitate to climb high on the pitch to help build the game as his Spanish teammate usually does, even if he almost gave Reims an opportunity (36th).

90mins 6/10

Nothing to do in the first quarter of an hour. First stop to be made in the 18th minute. A well captured crushed shot. Then, Steve Mandanda completely missed his raise just before halftime. A goal almost offered, fortunately Luan Peres withdrew. In his relaunch, he made several holes. However, Mandanda ensured to contain a few long balloons. Just before the last quarter of an hour, the world champion saved his team twice. Two beautiful decisive parades in view of the result.

REIMS – OM (0-1): GERSON the saviour! What a CRAZY GOAL!!!!