Love is in the meadow: Jean-François, Ariège candidate, makes an appointment with around twenty other participants for his transhumance

Love is in the meadow: Jean-François, Ariège candidate, makes an appointment with around twenty other participants for his transhumance

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For his traditional transhumance Jean-François, farmer from L’Amour est dans le pré, invited around twenty candidates from the show this year. A party to which the population is invited.

The big family of the show “L’Amour est dans le pré” is meeting in Ariège next weekend. Responding to the invitation of Jean-François Arabeyre, farmer from Ariège and emblematic candidate for season 16, around twenty former participants of the famous telecrochet broadcast on M6 will be present to participate in one of the flagship traditions of the department: transhumance.

Jean-François, second from the left, is an integral part of the great family of Love is in the meadow, gathered here at the Agricultural Show last February, and whom he invited to Ariège this weekend. end.

The sheep breeder from Haute Ariège, accustomed, like so many other Ariège farmers, to celebrating this important moment of the season, decided this year to bring together beautiful people for this climb in the summer pastures. His “buddies” on the show, with whom he has, since his participation last year, forged very strong ties, did not hesitate to respond favorably to his invitation. “We got into the habit of seeing each other quite often, at markets organized together or even at meetings like the Agricultural Show in Paris,” says the farmer.

Discover Ariège and its riches

This time, an appointment is given in Ariège for “three days of celebration”. For some of the former participants, this transhumance will be a first. And Jean-François has for the occasion put the small dishes in the big ones.

During these three days, in addition to the climb of its 500 ewes to their summer pasture in Auzat scheduled for Saturday, the farmers, their respective companions and companions, will be able to discover the riches of the department. Whether culinary, with 100% Ariège meals, or heritage with a visit to the Prehistory Park on Sunday, or even a session at the Bains des Couloubret, in Ax-les-Thermes, on Saturday. “It’s also an opportunity to offer a beautiful showcase of Ariège, the M6 ​​cameras will certainly be present to film that”, adds the one who never stopped, during the filming of the show, from boast of the treasures of his native Ariège.

It will also be a beautiful popular festival since Jean-François wanted the public to be able to attend the event. Whether it’s the meals, or the transhumance itself, the farmer hopes that the Ariège residents and passing tourists will join in the fun.

The opportunity to meet some emblematic candidates like Didier, the Aveyronnais, from season 14, Claire and Sébastien, the Gersois from season 10, and so many others.

On the program for these three days of celebration

Friday. At 7 p.m., Ariège meal in the Casino d’Ax-les-Thermes room enlivened by the songs of the Pastous, followed by an evening with DJ Jean-Luc.

Saturday. At 8 am, departure from Unac for the transhumance towards Auzat. Breakfast and blessing of the herd then up to two hours of walking to reach the summer pasture. On the way back, Jean-François will accompany the participants to Unac. At 1 p.m., country meal in the Casino room (reservations on 06 67 61 07 46) followed by a large market, where farmers will present their products. The afternoon will be animated by the Agafous bandas. At 4 p.m., the farmers of the ADP will go to the Bains des Couloubret. In the evening, grand closing meal at the Casino with the Alex Lorenzo orchestra.

Sunday. At 10 a.m., visit to the Ariège tradition store, at Les Cabannes, then meal at the Parc de la Préhistoire. The afternoon will be devoted to the site visit. Registration and reservations required with the Casino on 05 61 64 65 00.