LoL: The complete Bel’Veth spell kit would have leaked

LoL: The complete Bel'Veth spell kit would have leaked

The future release of Bel’Veth is highly anticipated by the League of Legends community. Information distilled drop by drop on the champion allowed us to know various details such as her name or her appearance before her arrival in the game. A new leak now reveals what all players are waiting for: his spell kit.

As announced by Riot Games, the champion should be one of the most complex in the game and this first glimpse of her abilities seems to confirm it.

Spell Details

Although we only have the descriptive text of the abilities so far, the information has gained a lot of credibility with the community. All of the known leakers — like Big Bad Bear — who are used to revealing new skins or following any information regarding Bel’Veth have agreed that this kit is indeed his.

  • Passive – Lavender Death : Enemies (Champions, Monsters, Super Minions, or Siege Minions) drop “Something” when they die. Bel’Veth can collect them to gain effects on his passive. This passive creates a swarm based on stacks and grants it lifesteal against jungle camps. If she attacks a turret or an epic monster, she sends her swarm towards it, healing itself and dealing bonus damage, which consumes the effects.

  • A – Void Surge : Passive – Bel’Veth has arrows around his body that point in four directions. When she activates the ability, she dashes, deals damage, and slows enemies. If the dash is thrown in the direction of one of the arrows towards an enemy or a large monster, it resets the cooldown. Using it against minions or normal jungle mobs in the direction of an arrow reduces cooldown by 40%.
  • A-Up and Down : Bel’Veth moves underground (or dives) for a short period of time, gaining movement speed and being able to walk through walls. When the ability ends, it respawns, dealing damage and knocking up all enemies in the area. If used with the ultimate active, Bel’Veth is untargetable and also stuns enemies.
  • E – Royal Maelstrom : Bel’veth begins to channel a vortex, during which she cannot move and pulls all enemies towards her, dealing damage to them every second. During this time, she receives reduced damage. She returns a percentage of all damage she takes to enemies (like Thorny Mail). If the spell is used with the ultimate, the damage reduction is higher, the damage dealt is raw, and in the end, she can explode her area.
These are the arrows of his A - League of Legends
These are the arrows of his A

  • R – Endless Banquet : Bel’Veth unleashes his true form for several seconds, enhancing all his other abilities. For the duration of the ultimate, she also gains HP, Magic Resist, Armor, and Damage. In addition, the cumulative effects of his passive restore a percentage of HP. She uses all of her stacks to form a swarm that deals damage to all nearby enemy champions. The swarm dies after a while, but it can be reset by killing a champion.

Now that a first version of his spell kit has leaked on the web, we have to wait for official confirmation from Riot Games. However, the skills seem quite believable. Not only is it interesting and backed by leakers, but there are also details that seem to be common in the development of League of Legends. For example, it is surprising to finally see a champion capable of “control a swarm”because it is one of the ideas that Riot Games never managed to introduce into the title.

Bel’Veth doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, but all indications are that she’ll be joining the game in the coming weeks. Most likely, once Riot Games implements the big change to global damage reduction that will be coming to the game with patch 12.10.

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