LIVE – Laporte resigns from the FFR: the steering committee remains, the opposition slams the door

LIVE - Laporte resigns from the FFR: the steering committee remains, the opposition slams the door

The steering committee remains in place, Grill denounces “a hold up, a dictatorship”

The FFR steering committee has decided to stay in place! The Oval opposition together resigns and its leader Florian Grill denounces “a putsch, a hold-up, a dictatorship”. An interim president will be named ahead of elections in June. (CB)

Oudéa-Castéra pushes for the resignation of the steering committee

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, Minister of Sports, is pushing for a resignation from the steering committee which would lead to the holding of new elections in six weeks. This is only an advisory opinion since the Minister does not have the power to act on the electoral process of the Federations.

“The statutes offer several possibilities. The possibility – this is the meaning of article 21 of the statutes – which is an interim president appointed within the management committee, then a time on the horizon of June at the next assembly General Assembly in which a new President would be elected from within the existing Steering Committee.”

“There is another route, that of article 15, in which several members of the steering committee or the steering committee as a whole could choose to resign in order to bring about a general election within six weeks which reopens the spectrum of candidacies more widely. possible and of the democratic game beyond the steering committee. I told them that it was their responsibility, their choice, but I also feel that it was my duty to try to tell them how I analyzed the things, what were, in my opinion, the consequences of one or the other of the statutory ways, the scope of this choice and that it was my role of adviser.

“(…) I don’t want to assume responsibilities that are not mine. I want to play this role of exchanges, of sparring-partners. I told them that the path that seemed the clearest to me, the clearest, the most legitimate and the fastest – because we all want this crisis to be resolved quickly now – was the way of a resignation from the steering committee. I told them that in my state of spirit it was in no way a personal questioning of these members of the steering committee who, individually, have nothing to reproach themselves with.

“A good thing for French rugby,” says Oudéa-Castéra

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, Minister of Sports, spoke to Marcoussis where she attended the steering committee and the resignation of Bernard Laporte from the presidency of the FFR.

“I can give you confirmation of the resignation of Bernard Laporte. I welcome this decision, it was necessary at the end of this consultation in which the clubs were massively mobilized. The ethics committee joined its role of supervision in this time of consultation which went well with worthy debates, Bernard Laporte drew the conclusions, which is a good thing for French rugby, its values ​​and the future. (CB)

Laporte resigned

Already set back for several weeks, Bernard Laporte finally resigned this Friday from his post as president of the French Rugby Federation according to information from several media confirmed by RMC Sport.

Sentenced on December 13 for corruption, influence peddling and illegal taking of interests, the leader warned the members of the FFR’s steering committee, meeting this Friday in Marcoussis, of his departure.

A decision which follows directly on the result of the consultation launched this week with French clubs on the appointment of his successor at the head of the FFR. Dubbed by Bernard Laporte to be president-delegate, Patrick Buisson saw the clubs vote against his appointment.

After the resignation of Bernard Laporte, new elections will therefore have to take place at the FFR. Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera will speak in the coming minutes.

Lhermet, Skrela, Grill… the main opposition figures have already arrived in Marcoussis

The steering committee will start around 9am. It is made up of about forty members, including about thirty pro-Laporte members. According to Le Parisien, they agreed Thursday evening on a common position without it having filtered.

Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera was also invited to the meeting in Marcoussis.

Florian Grill, main opponent of Laporte, calls for new elections

President of the Ile-de-France regional rugby league and main opponent of Bernard Laporte, Florian Grill calls for new elections after the result of the consultation of the clubs and the rejection of Patrick Buisson as delegate president of the FFR.

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The Minister of Sports “takes note” of the results of the vote at the FFR

Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra reacted on Thursday to the clubs’ vote of no confidence in the appointment of Patrick Buisson as deputy president of the FFR.

“I would like to salute the very strong participation of the clubs in this democratic time, which was essential after the conviction in the first instance of Bernard Laporte and his withdrawal, and which as we can see was eagerly awaited by the players in French rugby on the ground, estimated the member of the government via a press release. I thank the Federal Ethics Committee of the Federation for its unfailing involvement in the organization and supervision of this consultation of the clubs. I take note of this result and will report tomorrow morning at the headquarters of the Federation for the opening of the meeting of the steering committee, in order to assess the consequences with all of its members. They will continue their committee during the morning with the responsibility of deciding on the follow-up to be given to this engaging democratic expression.”

And Amélie Oudéa-Castéra concludes: “I have confidence in the fact that these exchanges will make it possible to find a way to quickly stabilize a clear and legitimate governance, while continuing to prepare effectively and calmly, both sportingly and organizationally. , the 2023 World Cup that our country has the honor of hosting.”

A steering committee on Friday with the Minister of Sports

After the new twist at the FFR and the vote of no confidence against Patrick Buisson, the body will organize Friday morning in Marcoussis a new meeting of its steering committee in which Amélie Oudéa-Castéra will participate.

Following the publication of the results of the referendum to the clubs, the Minister of Sports has not yet officially reacted. A communication from the member of the government is expected on Thursday.

The distrust of the clubs towards Patrick Buisson, the candidate of Laporte

The amateur clubs were called upon to vote whether or not to trust Patrick Buisson. Knighted by Bernard Laporte but criticized by the opposition, the current vice-president of the FFR in charge of amateur rugby has therefore not received the support of French teams.

After several days of electronic consultation, the tricolor clubs have mainly rejected the appointment of Patrick Buisson as president-delegate of the FFR.

The cons therefore won 51.06% over the pros (48.94%) and a new steering committee must therefore meet Friday morning in Marcoussis, in the presence of Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra to decide on the march to follow after this referendum within the French Rugby Federation.

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Hello everyone,

The French Rugby Federation is going through an unprecedented institutional crisis. Sentenced to two years in prison suspended for passive corruption and influence peddling for the benefit of Mohed Altrad at first instance, Bernard Laporte agreed to step back but to resign from his post as president of the FFR.

Problem, despite the support of the former coach of the Blues, Patrick Buisson did not receive the approval of the clubs affiliated with the body to become the new interim boss of the body.