LIVE – Eurovision 2022: The Ukrainian group, big favorite of the competition, sings in turn


The colors of the Ukrainian flag briefly appeared

The performance of the Ukrainians of Kalush Orchestra ended in a flash of blue then yellow, the colors of their flag. The group’s participation in the competition took place under special conditions: since February, Europe has been living to the rhythm of Russia’s violent offensive on Ukraine.

The Ukrainian group, big favorite of the competition, arrives on stage

This is undoubtedly the most anticipated performance of the evening. The Ukrainians of Kalush Orchestra, great favorites of the competition, who had to obtain special authorization to leave their country at war and perform, interpret their song in turn.

Kalush Orchestra © YouTube Screenshot

The Italian Mahmood back, three years after his first participation

Mahmood came second in Eurovision in 2019 with his song Soldi. He is representing his country again tonight with Brividiin duet with his compatriot Blanco.

Roselyne Bachelot sends her support to Alvan & Ahez

The French representatives of Eurovision 2022 received the support of Roselyne Bachelot. On Twitter, the Minister of Culture of the Castex government expressed her enthusiasm after their performance: “It was great! We are with you”.

Around France!

Alvan & Ahez are the 6th to perform on the stage of the Eurovision 2022 final. The French group interprets its title in Breton, Fulenn, against the background of a pyrotechnic show. Is the loud cheering from the audience a good sign?

Do you remember them?

The face of the singer of the group representing Finland is probably familiar to you. And for good reason: it is the group The Rasmus, which achieved international success in 2003 with the song In The Shadows. They return to the Eurovision scene with “Jezebel”.

The singer of The Rasmus
The singer of The Rasmus © YouTube screenshot

Moment suspended with the song from Portugal, “Saudade Saudade”

Singer Maro charmed the audience with her folk ballad, Saudade Saude.

The performances begin!

The ball is launched with the Czech Republic and the group We Are Domi, which interprets its title Lights Off .

We Are Domi singer
The We Are Domi singer © YouTube screenshot

Brief reminder of the rules…

A little reminder with the trio of facilitators: each participating country can vote… but not for itself.

The trio of animators
The trio of animators © YouTube screenshot

First appearance of the French during the parade of flags

Alvan & Ahez, the French candidates, have just appeared on the stage for the parade of flags.

Alvan & Ahez
Alvan & Ahez © Screenshot France 2

The show begins!

It is 9 p.m., the final of Eurovision 2022 starts at the PalaOlimpico in Turin. Follow the evening with

Who to present this 66th edition of Eurovision?

This year, Laura Pausini, the singer Mika and Alessandro Cattelan, Italian television personality, will host the show on the stage of the PalaOlimpico in Turin. French commentaries will be provided by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini.

Who are the 25 countries in the running?

A total of 25 countries will compete against each other on Saturday evening. Twenty of them were selected during two semi-finals, Tuesday 10 and Thursday 12 May. Added to this list are the Big Five, the competition’s biggest financial contributors, who are automatically qualified. These are France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

How to watch the final?

The evening is broadcast live on France 2 from 9 p.m., and hosted by Stephane Bernwho presented the evening for the first time in 2010, and Laurence Boccolini, who is commentating on the Eurovision Song Contest for the second consecutive year.

The official Eurovision YouTube account is also broadcasting live the ceremony presented in Turin by Mike and Laura Pausini, from the PalaOlimpico sports hall.

What is the running order of the candidates?

Less trivial than it seems, the order of passage during the evening can play a role in the final classification.

It is the Czech Republic which opens the ball this evening, with Lights Off, performed by We are Domi. The French move into sixth position and the Ukrainians into twelfth position.

Who are the favourites, a few hours from the final?

If Ukraine dominates the forecasts this year, other candidates, certainly quite far behind, occupy the bookmakers’ podium.

Sweden and Great Britain are vying for second place. A great revenge for the British, who came last in Eurovision in 2021 and who are represented this year by Sam Ryder.

Italy follows with Mahmood & Blanco and Spain with Chanel.

We are never safe from a good surprise, but the French are far in the rankings, with their song Fulenn.

Alvan & Ahez represent France

“Adrenaline takes precedence over stress,” Frenchmen Alvan & Ahez told us on Thursday. If the candidates, who sing in Breton, have the heavy task of succeeding Barbara Pravi, who offered France a second place last year in Rotterdam, they take this participation with philosophy.

They prefer “not to think about the ranking” and assure: “it’s not fear, it’s kiff”.

The Ukrainians, big favorites

It makes you wonder if they haven’t already won. The Kalush Orchestra group, which this year represents Ukraine at Eurovision, has a 60% chance of winning, according to the predictions of bookmakers.

They interpret Stefaniawritten by the leader of the group in homage to his mother, and has become a real hymn to the motherland.

Their popularity is such that they were treated to a real “standing ovation” for their appearance on stage during the first semi-final.

“When you see Ukraine, during the first semi-final, go on stage, in front of 10,000 people standing screaming, tears in their eyes …”, thus evoked on BFMTV Mikhail the singerwhich presents Eurovision in Turin.