League 1 | FFL predictions for the 2022-2023 season – Part 1

 League 1 |  FFL predictions for the 2022-2023 season - Part 1

Ligue 1 version 2022-2023 will experience some exciting new features. Four descents in Ligue 2, the arrival of Christophe Galtier at PSG and the return of the Tolisso – Lacazette duo to Lyon. Not to mention OM, who will only have this competition to play from December.

While Ligue 1 will resume its rights in just a few days, we had the idea to submit our prediction on the course of the 20 elite clubs for the coming season. A piece of advice, stay seated.

AC Ajaccio

The Corsicans are promoted to Ligue 1 this season, after eight years of absence. However, it is not for lack of having tried to go up more quickly. But each time, the lose decided otherwise. In 2018, the ACA lost its play-off 4-0 against TFC, and in 2020 it finished 3rd in the standings, a small point behind the second lensois. Lack of luck, only the first two are promoted due to the health crisis. Bye bye the hope of Liguain.

We have to wait until last season to see the Ajacciens validate their fourth climb in their history. The basic ingredient? An airtight defense which earned them a new record in Ligue 2, with only 19 goals conceded. Enough to bring a little order to our dear and tender Ligue 1, which has been far too prolific for our taste in recent years.

FFL Prediction : A solid, rough, bitter start to the season, where every trip to the Island of Beauty will be a pure nightmare for all visitors. However, we expect an acute decline in the following months. Because the magic recipe of the promoted is good, but it does not pass All Saints.

The man to follow : Romain Hamouma. After experiencing the descent into hell with the Greens, Romain has put the odds on his side to do it again this season. Do the elevator only in the direction of the descent, the new concept made in Hamouma.

Angers SCO

Few clubs manage to be so consistent at professional level. Since 2015, SCO d’Angers have been playing in Ligue 1, and for seven years, the club has consistently finished between 9th and 14th place. Only Real Madrid in the Champions League can claim to have such consistency.

With the departures of Mohamed-Ali Cho, Thomas Mangani and Angelo Fulgini, the Angevins have decided to further reduce the technical dimension of their game. A choice that we cannot condemn, being followers of locked defenses and the kick and rush French-style.

FFL Prediction : Like every season, Angers is one of the clubs in danger for maintenance. And each time, the SCO manages to mope majestically in the soft underbelly of the ranking. But since we are crazy at the FFL, we are going to risk a most daring bet: Angers will not finish between 9th and 14th place. We warned you, we are crazy here.

The man to follow : Adrian Hunou. The former Stade Rennais supersub leaves Minnesota for Maine-et-Loire. He will have to hydrate well before realizing that he has just swapped the skyscrapers for the ponds and streams of Angers.


Ten years. It had been a decade since Ligue 1 teams visited the legendary Abbé-Deschamps stadium. To do this, the Auxerrois had to get rid of Sochaux and Saint-Étienne, all defeated in the play-offs during the penalty shootouts. The man of this adventure? Jean-Marc Furlan. With his cap backwards screwed on his head, the 64-year-old likes to break the codes, and hopes that his players do the same with the kidneys of their opponents.

It’s a safe bet that the AJA remembers its best years in the elite. However, we should not take the dream for a reality, at the risk of eating disappointment after disappointment every weekend. With the oldest workforce in Ligue 1 – 27 years old on average – the experience will be on the side of the Burgundians. As for the ardor of youth, we will probably come back.

FFL Prediction : AJA and Ligue 2 lived a 10-year love story, before breaking up last May. But may the Auxerre supporters be reassured. As they say, one Ligue 2 season lost, ten regained.

The man to follow : Gaëtan Charbonnier. Harry Windsor’s official look-alike, Gaëtan is also AJA’s main offensive weapon in his spare time.

Brest Stadium 29

Michel Der Zakarian’s men narrowly missed out on the Ligue 1 soft underbelly title last season. With seven points behind LOSC, they could do absolutely nothing. We already know their objective for next year; win this title and put an end to a 41-year drought since their last coronation. It was the French championship… of the second division. A premonition?

FFL Prediction : Stade Brestois will be neither too high nor too low in the final standings. At the same time as we say it, Breton supporters would sign directly to finish 10th in Ligue 1, right?

The man to follow : Michel Der Zakarian. The defensive line expert traded his special weapon last year for a vulgar 4-4-2. Like Didier Deschamps, Der Zakarian gave way to the era of his time. Michel, it’s high time to put the bus back in Bizot’s goal. We will never campaign enough for the return of the good old 0-0.

Last season, the Clermontois discovered for the first time in their history the ruthless world of Liguain. Gone are the days when Auvergne was a land of rugby. She must now accept cohabitation with the round ball and the players who roll on the ground for a flick. We are in excess, of course, but since when is it not bad faith that guides our every word?

Clermont was the last club to maintain last season. They thus achieved the double that all our licensees wanted to see: send Bordeaux and Saint-Étienne to Ligue 2. And for that alone, the CF63 deserves our eternal respect.

FFL Prediction : With the four descents scheduled for the end of the season, the chances of seeing Clermont in the elite have taken a big hit. But let’s be crazy, we predict a fierce fight until the last day to hold on. Before ending up relegated all the same, let’s not lose sight of the main thing.

The man to follow : Maxime Gonalons. The bugger is back in France. After experiences not folichonnes on the side of Rome, Seville and Granada, Maxime will bring all his experience of the high level to bring, gently, the people of Auvergne towards Ligue 2. Super Max.