Kylian Mbappé refuses to participate in a photo shoot and relaunches his showdown with Noël Le Graët

Kylian Mbappé refuses to participate in a photo shoot and relaunches his showdown with Noël Le Graët

In recent days, a controversy chases another in French football. While the Blues have been meeting since Monday in Clairefontaine (Yvelines) to prepare for their two League of Nations matches against Austria and Denmark, Kylian Mbappé has “decided not to take part in the planned photo shoot”Tuesday, for partners of the France team.

The attacker justifies this decision by the refusal of the French Football Federation (FFF) to “amend the agreement” image rights of players, he said on Monday in a statement sent to AFP. The star of the Blues and Paris-Saint-Germain and its representatives (…) deeply regret that no agreement could, as requested, be reached ahead of the World Cup” (from November 20 to December 18).

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The case is not new. In March, Mbappé has already refused to comply with a marketing operation during a previous rally with the France team. During various meetings, the player’s advisers, in particular his lawyer, Delphine Verheyden, had been able, with the leaders of the FFF, to “explain their position on the need to modify the agreement governing the conditions of use of its image”continues the press release.

With this device, the federation collectively manages the image rights of the Blues. In return, each selected receives 25,000 euros per international meeting. An agreement to this effect had been drafted in 2010. Mbappé had signed it during his first in the France team, in 2017.

“Nothing will change between now and the World Cup”

Since then, the Bondy prodigy has taken on another dimension and claims the right to refuse to see his image associated with certain official partners. Among these undesirables: Coca-Cola and the fast-food chain KFC, or the online betting site Betclic. We say, in fact, the player very concerned by the problems of junk food, but also concerned about the excesses linked to online betting.

Me Verheyden, defended, in an interview with Parisian in March, the idea of ​​a right of scrutiny: “It is important that players are in tune with the commercials in which they participate. They have a role model for their young audience. This role should be handled with care. »

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In June, a meeting took place between the president of the FFF, Noël Le Graët, the lawyers and the mother of Kylian Mbappé to discuss the agreement which governs this famous collective image right (DIC) in the France team. Has a first press release from the Mbappé clan, confident about the chancess “to come up with a new version of the agreement ahead of the next World Cup”Mr. Le Graët responded by procrastinating. “We had indeed agreed together on a press release on a few points. The text that was finally offered to me by Kylian’s advice offended me a little, admits the leader, questioned by The Team. This agreement does not only concern Kylian but all the players of the France team. We must not forget either all the partners who give us a lot of money. »

Le Breton said to connect Me Verheyden and FFF lawyer Yves Wehrli to continue discussions. Three months later, the French football boss postponed the subject. “Nothing will change between now and the World Cup”, he announced on Monday, still in The Team.

Asked by AFP, the federation had not reacted in the middle of the afternoon. Noël Le Graët and François Vasseur, marketing director, were expected at Clairefontaine, where they are to meet with players and the principal concerned, Kylian Mbappé. When extending his contract with PSG in May, the 2018 world champion was surprised at the importance of this convention story.

“The funny thing is that before this rally in March, I don’t think anyone has even made a brief statement on image rights… There was just this little misunderstanding, but we’ll settle that very quickly. » Not so fast as that, if we are to believe his choice to stay in his room, at the time of the photo shoot, Tuesday at Clairefontaine.