Kylian Mbappé, imminent outcome: “My choice is almost made” announces the best player in Ligue 1

Kylian Mbappé, imminent outcome:

We will still have to take our troubles patiently. While some hoped to see Kylian Mbappé announce his choice for his future at the UNFP trophy ceremony, the Parisian striker frustrated his world on Sunday. “Very quickly. It’s almost over“, he only content to blurt out when the journalists insisted on when he will say where he will play next season. His choice is”nearly“Done, he just conceded to put an end to the insistent discussions. This time, the one who was voted best player in Ligue 1 for the third time in a row, therefore did not want to take the opportunity to change the course of this festive evening of French football, which was held in Paris.

In 2019, Mbappé surprised the audience by casting doubt on his future. “I feel that it is perhaps the time to have more responsibilities. I hope it may be at PSG, it will be with great pleasure, but it may be elsewhere for a new project“, had launched the PSG striker on the scene, taking the Parisian board by surprise. Three years later, the kid from Bondy has matured well. And learned the lesson: “I made this mistake three years ago to take over this ceremony and I think it’s not the right place.launched the former prodigy of AS Monaco. I insisted on coming to attend this great celebration of French football, not to appropriate the glory. I will stay in the spirit of thanking everyone“.

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“I completely changed the way I see the game”

Determined not to make waves this Sunday evening, Mbappé gave a very polished speech alongside Thierry Henry who returned his trophy to him – his third, already. “Winning a third time is amazing, launched the 23-year-old Parisian. I thanks the club, the coach and all the people who work in the shadows and helped us recover our throne, our title. It was a bit of a difficult season but we did the job in the league. And we are proud of this tenth title“.

Now co-record holder for the number of trophies in the supreme category with Zlatan Ibrahimovic (3 each), Mbappé is however well aware of having reached a new level this season in L1. In his game already while the 2018 world champion is in the running to finish top scorer and passer in the L1. “I completely changed the way I see the gamehe admitted. I did not have this conviction that I could be a passer. I was sometimes stubborn in this idea of ​​scoring goals. But I think that when you’re a great player, you shouldn’t choose.”

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Answer before May 28

Everyone has seen this development. And revel in it, especially in L1 where Mbappé has clearly changed in dimension. “This year, more than ever, I felt this respect, this admiration. This recognition, which all players seek. This year I got it. So thank you everyonehe explained. I continue my story. I keep winning. I’m never satisfied.” The tone is set. But no one doubted it for once.

It remains to be seen whether his ogre appetite can be limited to L1, where he has already left his mark. At the end of the contract next June, Mbappé has a choice as Real Madrid have been courting him for months now and PSG are looking to keep him by all means. But doubt still hangs. Present in the audience, Marquinhos, his captain, expressed a wish that many Parisians shared this Sunday evening: “I hope he will win this trophy again next season.“.

We will have a first element of response “very quickly“on this subject, as promised by Mbappé, on stage. In the mixed zone, the star of Paris Saint-Germain even specified, according to our colleagues from RMC, that his announcement would take place before the next gathering of the France team. This one is scheduled from Saturday May 28 to Tuesday June 14, 2022. Tick, tock, tick, tock…

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