James BKS

James BKS


James BKS is an artist, author, composer and music producer. He grew up in Paris before moving with his family to the United States. He dreams of becoming a professional basketball player and enrolls, somewhat by chance, in sound engineering courses at university. He then decided to get into music and worked as a beatmaker for big American names like Akon, Snoop Dog, Ja Rule and Puff Daddy. But in the whirlwind of a fantasized music industry, James BKS no longer recognizes himself artistically. If his productions are successful, he feels the need to regain control of his music, to do things for him, by him. Faced with his desire to be a musician, his Cameroonian mother then revealed to him the identity of his biological father: Manu Dibango.

He returned to live in Paris and started independent with his Grown Kid structure. Since 2012, he has been developing music projects for the image, and producing the original soundtracks for several films: An ordinary story in 2013, convict in 2014, then The West Indian Gang in 2016. He collaborates with several artists of the new generation, whether in French rap with Booba or Meryl, but also with the guarantors of the future of African music such as Mr Eazi, Dip Doundou or Yemi Alade. By a combination of circumstances that some will call “destiny”, he comes face to face with Manu Dibango in a Parisian hotel. Without revealing the nature of their links, which the great Cameroonian singer does not know, he manages to establish a connection, step by step, like a gradual and thoughtful return to his roots. And when the two men finally meet again, the musical vision of James BKS changes. For seven years, James went on tour with Manu, he discovered the land of his origins, Cameroon, dozens of African rhythms, connected with a part of his own culture that was still missing in his creation.

In 2017, James BKS composed the track kwele based on a sample of the title Senga Abele, recorded by his father in 1990. It is thanks to this title that he meets the English actor and musician Idris Elba.

The first part of his debut album Wolves of Africa is released on July 8, the second part will be released in November. This summer, he is touring festivals and will notably be in Vienna on July 1 for the Jazz à Vienne festival, in Tours on July 8, in Brive on July 21, and in Marseille on July 23.


The Supreme Court has decided as follows: abortion does not come under the right to privacy, and has nothing to do with the constitution. Consequence: each state will allow or not abortion. Result: 13 states already ready to return to before 1973. And to think that we were taught at school that the 9 members was a certain idea of ​​American democracy. Right now we no longer want to tell them to the judges

The singer Apple has just confided her embarrassment at having won her Victoire de la musique against Aya Nakamura… Apple deplores the lack of credit that the record industry gives to Aya Nakamura… because she is black, that she does not doesn’t come from Paris and she sings urban music… So how does the star system deal with her?

The history of American rap is dotted with unsolved murders. Those of Tupac, Notorious BIG, Scott La Rock, Paul C, Big L… the list goes on. The omerta in the rap world does not help the police who in any case are not particularly involved in these cases…

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  • The Meurice moment : Abortion in the Constitution?
  • The chronicle of Waly Dia : Shortage of hangers in the United States
  • The chronicle of André Manoukian : Wolves of Africa by James BKS

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