In Roye, they mourn Antoine Lenoir, their “Biquet” before the funeral this Wednesday

In Roye, they mourn Antoine Lenoir, their

The disappearance of Antoine Lenoir, who died last Friday in a road accident, leaves a great void at the Bistrot du marché where he finished his apprenticeship. His colleagues who have become friends have set up a kitty for the family of the young man whose funeral will take place this Wednesday in Roye.

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At the end of the month, he would complete his two-year apprenticeship. We were going to hire him on a permanent contract of course, he was a pearl. The sadness is enormous
“, sighs Katia, the manager of the Bistrot du marché where Antoine Lenoir worked.

The young man, a well-known singer in the region, died Friday in a road accident. At the Bistrot, he leaves a great void among his colleagues who have become friends over time. ”
Here it is very familycontinues Katia, in two years, he had become like a member of my family. My daughter adored him, they sang together and he gave her advice. Their last song, by the way, was One day in the wrong place… you speak of an omen
“, sighs the manager who feels a little guilty for the death of Antoine: “
He was coming to work when he had his accident… When we heard the news on Friday, we were all shocked.

Beside her, Rebecca, a waitress, smiles sadly:
I considered him my little brother, he was my confidant. He had a knack for seeing when you weren’t well. He came to see you to cheer you up, he knew how to lift you up! And it always ended with a little song, of course.

“It’s crazy, at 19, to already be a great man”

It was the sunbeam of the Bistro
continues Katia. Our Biquet, always in a good mood, always singing…
And to remember the concerts, the evenings organized where Antoine sang. ”
I often laughed with him. I found that he didn’t ask for enough money, I told him laughing that I was going to become his impresario. »

On the counter of the establishment, she installed the portrait of Antoine, all smiles. ”
There, we talk to him again, we yell at him a little bit for leaving like that. But he won’t answer us anymore. “Below Antoine’s luminous face, a small box serves as a kitty”
to help the family with the funeral. All of our customers put something into it, all of them appreciated it enormously. Not only us by the way: at the Mac Do next door, they also do something; it’s the same at the Intermarché… Antoine was appreciated everywhere! It’s awful…
“, she repeats. On the front of the Bistrot, a sign indicates the closure of the establishment this Wednesday, the day of Antoine’s funeral. “
We’re going to support his family and say goodbye to our Biquet
. »

And Rebecca to sum up with a beautiful formula: ”
He left his mark on our lives. It’s crazy, at 19, to already be a great man.

The funeral of Antoine Lenoir takes place at 2:30 p.m. this Wednesday in the church of Saint-Pierre de Roye.

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