“I owe the Bordeaux people a revenge”

How was your extension decided?

It was kind of the process all last week. In the days that followed the match in Brest (2-4), I was in really bad shape. I had to analyze these 14 games and especially why we missed this point to get the jump-off. Next, I wanted to share…

How was your extension decided?

It was kind of the process all last week. In the days that followed the match in Brest (2-4), I was in really bad shape. I had to analyze these 14 games and especially why we missed this point to get the jump-off. Then, I wanted to share my feelings with Gérard Lopez and Admar Lopes. It was important. I explained to them my analysis, my feelings. Then we took a step back, the club came back to me to tell me that they were ready to continue with me. I had already told them that I obviously agreed to extend the adventure because I don’t want to stay on a failure at the Girondins. The Girondins coach must be successful. I also owe a revenge to the entire Bordeaux environment. For me, it was important.

You talk about your analysis: what is it?

At first, I found that the standards and performance levels were not high enough, that players at the club for three or four seasons were worn out and full of weariness. Above all, I saw that not everyone was looking in the same direction, not because of their value as such but because of their personal stories. This requirement must be omnipresent at club level and find an idea with a new locker room. I assumed too. We know very well that the coach is the first responsible. You have to accept it.

What should you have done differently?

When I arrived, the team had just taken eight goals (5-0 in Reims, 3-2 in Lens). The idea was to reassure her, hence the 5-3-2 set up very quickly. Against Monaco (1-1), for my first match, I saw the glass half full with this draw and this small number of chances conceded. It was a mistake and this match is a turning point. I should have seen the glass half empty and sent a message to the players to get the win, not just reassure them. If we win, we launch the dynamic. Then I adapted to the players in place. I couldn’t play four behind because we were weakened. During the Montpellier match, everything came back to us like a boomerang. All the individual and collective problems resurfaced. They had been going on for a long time and they hadn’t been settled. The boys lost confidence and doubted. We didn’t score at eleven against nine and that added to the defensive problems.

What makes you think you’re the man for the job?

The club has not experienced stability in the off-season for almost four years. Continuity is important to me. It will allow us to save time because I can identify the needs to rebuild the workforce. For example, I have already spotted young people from the training center who can ride. I know the locker room, the infrastructure, the local environment. Throughout these 14 games, this squad lacked complementarity and associations with respect to the principles of the game. In Reims, I experienced a failure after taking the team for three games, but that was followed by a success with the rise in Ligue 1. I have this determination. There, I relied on the training center and I made a lot of kids play so that they could express themselves.

Do you have guarantees in terms of recruitment?

We talked about the workforce and we agreed on the idea that it needed to be renewed for the reasons already mentioned. We are going to make a fairly substantial recruitment, even if it will depend on a lot of factors such as departures and the DNCG.

Conversely, do you have guarantees for players to keep?

We agree on the boys I want to see stay: we want to build on the axis Ahmedhodzic – Ignatenko – Mara. But it’s the technician who speaks (smiles). I am aware of the economic situation. If the club receives impossible to refuse offers for boys… I have to accept it and I understand it.

And in terms of staff?

I had come alone to adapt very quickly to a new environment, because it was up to me to make the effort in the face of this notion of urgency. Now that the workforce will change, I will be able to make some changes to the staff. At least one deputy, I have a few names in mind. But nothing is decided for the moment.

Do you know if the framework around the players will be stricter next season?

I talked a lot about the requirement. I want it applied everywhere. This framework is something that is not negotiable. We will have to start from there and with a lot of humility. These are important values ​​given the situation of the club.

You extend until 2023. With an additional year in the event of a rise?

I’m here to experience success and bring the team back to Ligue 1. If I succeed in my challenge, I will have a year to support it.

Will you be released if the club does not pass the DNCG?

It’s something I haven’t considered at all. I totally trust my president and the management team to find the resources.

Are you confident to get this mandatory lift?