“I didn’t really have an explanation for the votes,” says Anne-Sophie, eliminated in episode 11

His plan could have worked, but a grain of sand got stuck in the gears. This Tuesday, Anne-Sophie was eliminated from Koh Lanta by the white team which has nothing to do with a reunited tribe. The former reds ganged up on the sports coach as the odds wavered between her and Olga. Holder of an immunity necklace, the latter played it for nothing. “I absolutely did not want to take her, I would have been too angry if she had been eliminated”, comments Anne-Sophie to 20 minutes after his departure from the TF1 game.

In what state of mind are you at the end of the council?

I feel guilty. I tried to put a strategy in place, it could have worked and I didn’t follow through. Could have used the collar better. Olga found it and offered it to me but I absolutely didn’t want to take it from her, I would have been too sorry if she had been eliminated. So, we try to orient the votes on Olga but it doesn’t work. I tell myself that maybe I should have gone to see Jean-Charles, with whom I had a guardian angel pact at the start of the adventure. I have a lot of small regrets like that. I’m sad. Sportingly, I did not prove as I wanted so I have a taste of unfinished business.

So there was talk of Olga giving you her necklace before the council?

Yes, we thought about it because we knew it was her or me. Olga tells me she’ll pass me the necklace if she feels it’s me who’s going out. But me, I have the impression that she will have the votes because I catch a discussion between François and Nico in the cabin. I read on François’ lips that he says “Olga”. Did he see me and bluff? I think so. Meanwhile, Nico comes to see me to tell me that they share the votes but I don’t know he’s a mole.

Why did the old reds put it all on you?

From what I understood, they wanted to split the votes at the beginning and then they said to put everything on one person. Why me, I don’t know. I know that many people thought that Olga had been in the forest for a very long time, so they suspected that she had a necklace. But I didn’t really get an explanation about the votes, about the fact that it was me and not Olga.

At the start, you wanted to make a big splash by voting against François, but Nicolas and Bastien didn’t want to. Is he untouchable?

Yes, he is untouchable, he is the one who holds the reins. He gives a name, everyone follows. I surrounded him from the start, that’s why I want to blow him up. I tell myself that it will be easier to rally other people to us if he is not there. Afterwards, I blame myself because if we had played the necklace well, it was François who came out. At that point in the game, we no longer have lucidity. When we are eliminated from the council, we are entitled to a little fruit for the end of the adventure. As soon as I ate, I had a boost of energy. I had a flash of lucidity, all the wires connected in my head and I wanted to smack myself.

On social networks, one can read comments saying that you are the only person who thinks about strategies. You agree ?

Basically, the strategy side scared me. There, I see that people say of me that I am a fine strategist. When I see the game, indeed, I am one of the few who try to find a solution. I don’t know if I’m a strategist but in any case, I don’t want to let myself go, I don’t accept being blown up like a popcorn. Well, for once, it is (laughs). Even if it is more and more difficult, I try to put the odds on our side. It breaks every time but I try!

In this episode, Nicolas votes like you, the former yellows, but he’s the reds’ double agent. You never thought he had this role?

Oh no, I’m flabbergasted. Before, I have a discussion with my yellow team, I tell them that we have to move forward together, everyone says that we are in the same perspective. When we meet on the games, I see that there is still an affinity, winks between Nico and François, he tells me that it means nothing. The day of the council, it smells scorched. I wonder, I wonder if he’s not putting it upside down. I tell myself that it is not possible, it is my friend. When I say goodbye to Nico at the council, I see him staring at his feet. I tell myself he got me. If I had had one more hour before the council, I could have unmasked him. There, I would have told him that I had a necklace, he went off to tell François, they voted against Olga and she took out her necklace.

At the end of the episode, you wonder if mom would be the heroine of the house. Are you reassured?

Well yes ! That’s what makes me feel good, it puts me in perspective. My biggest victory is seeing my family proud. As soon as they see me on the screen, it screams in the whole house. Even when I say I’m tired, they tell me I can do anything, that I’m the strongest. Their gaze has changed, they have stars in their eyes. So bet won.