his daughters “got scared…”

Setha (Koh-Lanta) éliminée et métamorphosée : ses filles "ont pris peur… "

Setha has been a legendary adventurer in this new season of Koh-Lanta: The Cursed Totem. Indeed, she had the nerve to invent an immunity necklace to save her skin during the playoffs. Better still, once eliminated by Colin’s decision at the meeting of ambassadors, she bequeaths her imaginary necklace to Yannick! It’s hard not to consider Setha a legend with such information. But his strategy did not allow him to pursue the adventure beyond reunification. So, it’s in the columns of our colleagues in the online magazine Purepeople that we find an exciting interview with the adventurer. One of the first since his elimination. But we also find her in a video interview on Alexandre Boero’s YouTube channel which offers a detailed portrait of Setha!

Mother of four daughters and lover of challenges of all kinds, Objeko don’t hide from you that Setha was very disappointed to leave Koh Lanta in this way.

Setha gets kicked out of Koh Lanta during reunification

The adventurer had no way of knowing that she was going to be eliminated in the episode of this April 26. Indeed, the public knew that two people were at risk of leaving the program. Since fans of Koh Lanta are not unaware of how important the reunification episode is. Denis Brogniart therefore kept reminding him, the game starts from scratch! In any case, this is what is possible to understand on paper. But in practice, for Setha and for his comrades, Objeko do not hide from you that the alliances of the first hour persist. The yellow team and the red team come together to form one big team. Then, the tests will be individual and no longer collective. And as always, in the end, only one will remain.

But the episode of this April 26 is both that of reunification and the first test of individual immunity. Individual immunity which will be particularly useful for the first council of reunited adventurers. Thus, if Setha leaves the adventure on the decision of the ambassadors, we will not tell you who left Koh Lanta following the first reunification council. Indeed, we will focus our attention on the mother of 4 children.

One of the first questions that arises when one finds a candidate eliminated from Koh Lanta concerns his feelings. Indeed, readers of Purepeople.com, and those ofObjeko by extension, want to know how Setha feels and how she experienced her elimination. Especially since she is now one of the greatest legends of the game show since she invented having an immunity collar and was thus able to sow doubt and thwart the strategies of several of her adventure comrades.

An unforgettable adventure

If Setha’s adventure is unforgettable for the public of Koh Lanta, not only because she had an imaginary necklace but also because she pretends to give it to Yannick, it is also personally that this adventure will remain etched in her memory. For her, for her family and for those close to her, it is an immense pride to see Setha’s name join those of the legends of Koh Lanta. Everyone is very proud of her and her journey. Without Colin’s intervention, Setha wouldn’t have left so quickly. Who knows where her imaginary necklace could have taken her?

For many years, Setha had dreamed of participating in Koh Lanta. And if she could not go as far as she would have liked, she is delighted to have been able to be an adventurer in this new season. As for Colin, ambassador who decided to eliminate her, she was angry but would not hold it against him all her life. Especially since her return was synonymous with her reunion with her daughters and her husband. All 5 have also found Setha transformed by the adventure. She confided to our colleagues from Purepeople that his daughters had been afraid. But above all because she surprised them with her return. At the time, they had a hard time recognizing her.