Here are the weirdest and funniest messages!

Here are the weirdest and funniest messages!

Did you know that personalized messages were written under the receipts? Here are the weirdest and funniest…

Many people do not look carefully at what is written on their receipts. And for ecological reasons, these receipts will disappear in France from January 2023. This is a good thing.

In addition, the government has also decided to ban other products such as single-use plastic straws or plastic cotton swabs.

It must be said that plastic takes a long time to degrade and that it pollutes the seas and oceans. Then, it is the fish that absorb this plastic. It’s also time to act against deforestation because using paper means cutting down trees.

Receipts considered useless

Considered useless, receipts contain a lot of information about your transaction and remain important to analyze, especially in this period of declining purchasing power. From time to time, tickets may be used to deliver messages. Did you know, for example, that your receipt indicates the remaining balance on your restaurant card?

Some comedians who work in stores or restaurants have had the good idea to write very funny words for consumers. You will find some more or less wacky, more or less funny, but often original.

Ticket Jokes

On one of them, we can read: “Christmas advice! Wrap empty boxes as gifts and when your child misbehaves or doesn’t listen to you, put the gift in the trash. And if you’ve run out of empty presents, then it’s time to throw your child in the trash! “.

It also reads: “I bought a cake and I was given a receipt for the cake. I don’t need a receipt for the cake. I gave you money and you gave me cake, period. There is no need for a printed paper for this transaction. I can’t imagine a scenario where I would have to prove that I bought a cake. Retailers are not without a sense of humor.

Cash receipts: The French are attached to supermarkets

The French like to shop in supermarkets. However, very large stores are much less popular. Consumers now prefer small convenience stores in city centers.

Another important consumer concern is the price of products. Indeed, with inflation, customers want cheap products.

Some brands like Lidl or Aldi are doing well. On People Act Magazine, we often have the opportunity to tell you about Lidl’s marketing moves.

Lidl has succeeded in becoming a chain of stores appreciated by a very wide audience. It must be said that the marketing teams have spared no effort to regularly offer low-cost products such as game consoles or pairs of shoes. The recipe works wonderfully.

Today, at Lidl, you can find inexpensive products but also brands. The question of purchasing power is at the heart of the campaign for the legislative elections which is taking place at the moment.

There is a real confrontation of ideas.

The left-wing parties united in an alliance: the NUPES propose, for example, a price freeze on basic necessities. This is not the option chosen by the other political parties.

During the Covid crisis, many traders suffered from the health crisis because they were closed, but the State paid aid to enable them to hold on. Today, many restaurateurs and bar owners are struggling to recruit workers.


Many waiters have moved on to other jobs. Working in the hotel or restaurant industry is not easy because the schedules are not easy. Employees are often forced to come home late at night. It’s not easy for family life. With the Covid crisis, many people have reorganized their priorities.