her mother hid her illness from her until her death

her mother hid her illness from her until her death

Eric Antoine: his mother hid his illness from him until her death (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

This Wednesday June 29, 2022, M6 is broadcasting “The biggest karaoke in France”, co-hosted by Elodie Gossuin and Eric Antoine. The latter seems quite familiar with the task, he who handles humor and good humor to perfection. However, behind the scenes, the famous magician keeps in him a deep wound caused by the brutal death of his mother.

Between Eric Antoine and magic, it’s a story that started very early. While he was still only a child, young Eric was passionate about this mysterious art. After having started studying medicine, psychology and theatre, he launched himself into the arena in 2006 in the M6 ​​program, “France has an incredible talent”. This is where the French fall totally under the spell of this Eric Antoine, as wacky as it is touching, and his particular way of doing magic. Since then, Raphaël and Ulysse’s dad has been working to distill his good vibes on stage or on the small screen. All this success, Eric Antoine owes it in part to his mother, the one who always knew how to hear his joys and his sorrows, but who unfortunately left without being able to really take the measure of the situation in which she found herself…

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A devastating secret

In 2018, Eric Antoine wanted to pay tribute to him in his book “Magic Optimystic”. An ode to life, more particularly to that of his mother and those moments spent by her side. Originally from Val-d’Oise, the comedian, eldest of 3 children, is the fruit of a psychotherapist mother of Italian origin and an entrepreneur father. If his parents separated when he was younger, Eric Antoine has always remained close to them. Especially from his mother, who unfortunately died of cancer in 2008. A real trauma for Eric Antoine since, until the end, he did not know that she was suffering. Never, during his lifetime, his mother wanted to warn him of his illness.

“I did not understand why she did not ask me for my help. Why she did not say: ‘Be with me in this moment'” he confided in 2018 on the airwaves of France Info. Ten years later, the comedian and magician had already found some answers to his mother’s silence: “I was at the start of my career, I was very navel-gazing, I was fighting against windmills like all the artists who debut, and I think she didn’t want to disrupt that.”

Today, Eric Antoine absolutely understands his mother’s choice, and even sees it as a way to preserve it, even if he harbored regrets for a long time. “I was angry with him, yes and no” he said at the microphone of France Info, before taking things with philosophy but also a very touching tenderness with regard to his missing mother: “I found that it was still an absolute greatness, to leave the planet without seeking to make oneself regret. (…) People who feel that they are going to die sometimes enter into a kind of redemption: this is the moment when everyone must world loves us and where we become nice again, whereas we have been a bitch all our life. This last minute search for love is a way of taking power over people. And she preferred to open her hands even more in seeing death approach.”

On the set of “Vivement dimanche dimanche”, where he made his debut, Eric Antoine confided in Michel Drucker at greater length on the death of his mother: “When I met you, I had just lost my mother, who was called Françoise. And the first time I was at my mum’s grave, obviously I cried like a calf, and I tried a little bit to tell her what was happening to me in life. , it was starting to work for me. And my phone starts ringing. Obviously inside I say to myself, I’m not going to answer, I’m talking to my Françoise, my mom “he remembered then. For a reason that is still foreign to him, Eric Antoine had decided to answer this call that would change everything: “I picked up the phone and I hear ‘Hello, it’s Françoise’. And time stops , I have a second of eternity and she says ‘Françoise Coquet, I am the producer of Michel Drucker’ (…) She tells me this sentence that I will never forget ‘Eric, we would like to try you’. I go from tears to laughter and it transforms my life.”

“Sometimes I complained because my mother was too attentive”

It must be said that, from a very young age, Eric Antoine shared a particularly strong relationship with his psychotherapist mother. When he was younger, he liked to spy on his interactions with patients. From these moments as if suspended out of time, Eric Antoine retains all the sensitivity that is often needed to communicate with others: “I think that curiosity is the most beautiful of qualities. The more we listen to the other, the more we learn. And the more we learn, the richer we become, and the stronger we become. Sometimes I complained because my mother was too attentive, and I told her ‘talk! You have so many things to tell’, and today I understand how incredible it was” he confided to France Info.

And to remember how his mother always knew, not only to drown him in love and tenderness, but also in understanding: “To be loved by a parent is already fantastic, but above all to be loved as one has want to be, by being free. That’s what my mother passed on to me: a loving gaze, loving listening, attention and gentleness… Forgiveness too. She’s the one who gave me transmitted this way of loving, and it gave me a lot of strength.”

Married since 2008 to Calista, an Australian dancer met during his theater lessons, Eric Antoine lives from his passion for the show and the magic that he also intends to transmit to his children Raphaël, born in 2010, and Ulysse born in 2013. : “They already have professional eyes. They come behind the scenes. One of them even asks me to teach him tricks. I try to transmit my passion and above all, to instill in them the notion of work that there is behind.” The transmission to counter the tests of time.

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