Have the Girondins de Bordeaux already said goodbye to Ligue 1?

Have the Girondins de Bordeaux already said goodbye to Ligue 1?

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“When you’re on the outside and you score three goals, it’s hard to tell yourself that you haven’t won this game. In the first half, we saw that we were capable of doing great things and being solid. In second, it’s another team, we let go completely. I don’t know if it’s mental or physical. I don’t think it’s physical, because we manage to come back. We’re going to have to play matches like in the first half, otherwise it’s going to be complicated. Maybe the fear of winning, I honestly don’t know. I can’t explain to you. There are four games left and mathematically it is still possible. So we’re going to try. Personally, I feel bad. After leading 2-0, losing 5-3 is not pleasant. We will have to put our c…. on the table if we want to maintain ourselves, otherwise it’s complicated”. Here are the words of Mbaye Niang, at the microphone of Prime Videodisillusioned after the new shipwreck of his own in Nantes (3-5), this Sunday on the occasion of the 34th day of Ligue 1. And for good reason.

Bordeaux is on the edge of the abyss!

Despite a two-goal lead at the break after the achievements of Niang (6th) and Dilrosun (18th), the formation coached by David Guion, successor to Vladimir Petkovic on the Girondin bench, once again completely sank, symbol of a club in total loss, psychologically affected and marked by an abysmal crisis of confidence. Abandoned (again) by their defense, the Bordelais then collapsed on their return from the locker room, plucked by the Canaries who scored five goals in less than 45 minutes. A nightmarish outcome in the image of a catastrophic season. Nineteenth in Ligue 1 just four days from the end of the championship, the Bordelais are now 4 lengths behind AS Saint-Etienne, which currently occupies the place of play-off and 6 units from Clermont, the first non-relegation player. So yes, as long as there is hope, there is life but if the FCGB can still believe in it mathematically, the performance observed on the ground leaves room for the worst insomnia.

“You have to go see Bordeaux in real life to realize that it’s catastrophic, I’m not kidding, nothing happens, flat encephalogram, an oyster, nothing, there’s nothing. I have lots of friends who are Bordeaux supporters, they are on the verge of depression and I saw that at the edge of the field. I was talking about it with Johan Micoud, who is from there and who is desperate at the highest point, but honestly if you haven’t seen Bordeaux play in real life, you can’t realize all that. It’s catastrophic”confided to us moreover Jérôme Alonzo, consultant for Prime Video. An infernal spiral which is currently sweeping over an entire club and is reflected, weekend after weekend, on the lawns of Ligue 1. From technical blunders to terrible individual errors, passing through approximate placements and an offensive animation close to nothing, Bordeaux continues to sink. Amorphous, paralyzed and under the pressure of supporters at their wit’s end, Guilavogui’s teammates find themselves on the edge of the precipice.

A rather lenient schedule for a resounding feat?

Having already given up the idea of ​​having their own destiny in their own hands, Bordeaux will still have four finals to play to stay alive. During the month of May, the Bordelais will host OGC Nice (01/05) before moving to Angers (08/05). A week later, the residents of Matmut Atlantique will receive FC Lorient (14/05) in a match which promises, at the time of writing, to be decisive. To conclude this moribund season, the Marine et Blancs will then go to Brest (21/05) with the firm intention of avoiding a thunderclap. That of a descent into the antechamber of French football, which would be a sad first for the club since 1991 when the DNCG had decided to relegate the Girondins de Bordeaux administratively to D2 because of their budget deficit (around 45 million euros). euros). If on paper the calendar seems playable with two formations (Angers and Brest) which should not have much to play for by then, the Girondins will have to show a completely different face anyway. And this is where the shoe pinches.

How to imagine any revolt? After the new humiliation experienced at La Beaujoire, the people of Bordeaux even signed a record of historic sadness. With 84 goals conceded since the start of this 2021-2022 fiscal year, Opta tells us that this is simply the highest total for a team in a single season in the past 40 years. Enough to confirm their status as the worst defense in the 5 biggest European championships this year, they who only made one clean sheet (during the J30, in Lille). Prepared for the worst, Gérard Lopez and his teams have even already drawn up a plan in the event of a descent. In this context, The Team recently revealed that drastic measures would be put in place to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Already amputated by a deficit of 30 million euros and with the veil of an industrial accident hanging over Bordeaux, it is already preparing for a monumental bloodletting. Thus, 100 club employees would be threatened by a social plan, not to mention the many players sacrificed…

If Josuha Guilavogui and Marcelo, whose salaries are considered too high, should not be kept, the upper echelons of Bordeaux could also separate from Hwang Ui-Jo, Junior Onana and Alberth Elis, followed by West Ham, Wolfsburg and Fiorentina according to our information. In the event of a farewell to Ligue 1, Jimmy Briand but also Benoît Costil, cold with the supporters, will also be affected by this wave of departures, which is more at a time when their respective contracts expire at the end of the season. On the verge of relegation, the Girondins (5 wins, 12 draws and 17 defeats) still keep a tiny hope of avoiding this chilling scenario, but this will require displaying all other intentions. A region of the greatest vintages, Bordeaux is today far from the Purée Septembrale so dear to François Rabelais. So Bordeaux friends, even if the urgent is done and the impossible is being done, the miracle still remains faithful to you.