From Wednesday, refueling in Germany will cost 10 euros less than in France

Les prix à la pompe en Allemagne à Kehl, près de Strasbourg étaient jusque là en moyenne plus élevés qu'en France

Germany is about to launch its plan to make transport cheaper. And this in the midst of soaring prices. Inflation now stands at almost 8% in Germany (7.9%). Among the biggest increases, those of fuel prices. So the government is launching its plan to reduce the cost of travel this Wednesday, with a discount of 30 centimes per liter on the price of the super and 14 cents per liter on the price of diesel. This measure should theoretically last three months.

A single ticket at 9 euros valid for one month in all regional trains and public transport in all cities throughout Germany will also be active from this Wednesday. In short, enough to lower the cost of travel across the Rhine. But it also goes indirectly lower costs for Alsatian or Lorraine motorists.

Reduction of 30 cents per liter of gasoline

In recent days, it has been more advantageous to fill up in France: 1 euro 92 on average per liter of super on the French side, against a little more than 2 euros on the German side. But things will change on Wednesday. The reduction of 30 cents decided across the Rhine comes into force and the price of the super will therefore be around a little more than 1 euro 70 in Germany. Going there to fill up can therefore save a lot of money, explains Christian Tiriou, project manager at the European consumer center in Kehl. “This applies everywhere in Germany, therefore also at border stations. It will be interesting for locals to compare. It can make a big difference if you fill up, saving up to 10 euros maybe“, he says.

A gas station in Kehl, Germany © Radio France
Antoine Balandra

Moreover, some Alsatians, like Sarah, have anticipated: “We deliberately pulled out all the stops so that we wouldn’t put any more petrol before Wednesday. I was thinking of going there on Thursday evening quietly when the rush hours are over“says this childminder.

The price of diesel, on the other hand (for which the discount is only 14 cents per liter on the German side), should be pretty much the same on both sides of the border.

Ticket at 9 euros

But French cross-border workers will also be able to take advantage of cheaper transport for their stays in Germany. From this Wednesday, a 9 euro ticket will therefore allow everyone, including the French, unlimited travel for one month on the entire German regional train network, but also on all public transport networks in all cities in the country. A valid ticket also on Deutsche Bahn trains from Wissembourg or Lauterbourg for example.

So should we take inspiration from this German initiative on the French side? Not necessarily so quickly answers François Giordani, the Grand Est president of the FNAUT, the national federation of transport user associations. “At FNAUT, we favor investing in transport. To improve timing, services. We would prefer that the money be put in there rather than in a specific operation, during the summer. Because it may pose problems of overcrowding because the offer will not increase significantly during these three months. It’s a good idea, but it takes preparation” he said.

Precisely to cope with the influx of travellers, Deutsche Bahn announces that it has made available every day 60,000 additional seats in 250 more trains.

To take this ticket at 9 euros, you have to go to the Deutsche Bahn website and tick the box “regional network only“. The ticket does not however concern the ICE, the German TGVs. Deutsche Bahn announces that it has already sold more than 2 million 700,000 tickets of this type alone.