From the women’s PSG coach to Mbappé, Diallo’s unthinkable attempt to destabilize

From the women's PSG coach to Mbappé, Diallo's unthinkable attempt to destabilize

The Aminata Diallo file takes a little more thickness. After Tuesday’s revelations, on “a slow psychological drift that has become, so to speak, pathological” by Aminata Diallo which would have led her to attack Kheira Hamraoui, her teammate, Le Parisien reveals new elements this Wednesday. The daily details an attempt to destabilize PSG by the former player and César M., an unofficial agent of several PSG players, and the companion of one of them. With two clear objectives: Do everything to oust Hamraoui from PSG and obtain a contract extension there by destabilizing the leaders who would hinder their plan. This is the conviction acquired by the investigators and the magistrates during the investigation into the attack on Hamraoui, which was also extended to include counts of “organized gang fraud”.

Threats to Ulrich Ramé, and destabilization of Ollé-Nicolle

The investigators notably intercepted a conversation on April 7 with Ulrich Ramé, who had become sports director of the women’s section of PSG, during which César conditions the extension of star striker Marie-Antoinette Katoto, whose interests he manages, on the extension of Aminata Diallo, and the departure of Kheira Hamraoui. He also threatens to cause a scandal to taint Didier Ollé-Nicolle, the PSG coach, and by extension, the club. “Ollé-Nicolle… It’s a scandal! We smoothed things over… We zapped… But there are still people who are aware… A lot of people including me. Imagine she freaks out? Imagine that the father he cracks? You see, it’s perverse, it’s unfair but finally it’s human… ”, threatens César, according to the elements revealed by Le Parisien. Few weeks later,

The sound system of Diallo’s vehicle and home allows you to understand the hatred that the player has for her teammate. On April 21, César announces to Diallo the tenure of Hamraoui for the C1 semi-final between PSG and OL. Aminata Diallo immediately targets the problem: “It’s serious. At some point, if they allow themselves to do that, it’s because the players, they don’t do anything, they don’t say anything. Girls wake up. The problem is not Kheira, the problem is the coach and Ramé”, she claims. Two days later a fight broke out between Hamraoui and several teammates, including César’s partner, and Marie Antoinette Kakoto. A case revealed by an independent journalist close to Diallo well known on social networks.

A little later, this same journalist reveals the suspicions of sexual assault committed by the PSG coach on one of his players: Cesar’s threat to Ulrich Ramé a few weeks earlier, visibly carried out. A judicial investigation against X is opened, and Didier Ollé-Nicole is ousted from the club.

“Corinne, don’t worry, it’s planned”

The first phase of the plan then in motion, the duo intends to attack Corinne Deacon, coach of the France team, who does not count on Diallo. In rather crude terms. “Wallah the little men in suits who smile at you in front!! You sons of bitches… You bastards go!! And Corinne [Diacre], How are you Aminata? Dirty whore! You think it’s a game you bastards? Apparently, we are a bunch of bosses in Paris? A suburban gang? Corinne, don’t worry, it’s planned!! As soon as it is extended at PSG, you will see her. “For Caesar, it is “necessary to make war on them” against these “scum of babtous”.

Diallo and César go even further “to remove by all means from the women’s section, Kheira Hamraoui but also Ulrich Ramé, sports director and Didier Ollé-Nicolle, coach of the same formation”, specifies the investigation report. And use a certain proximity with the Mbappé clan…

A rapprochement with the Mbappé clan

It is a former journalist from the Team, who has become very close to the Mbappé clan and from the Grenoble region, like Diallo, who would have served as intermediary. A photo of the Parisian striker, reunited with his adviser and the midfielder, began to rise on social networks on Tuesday evening. Fayza Lamari, the mother of Kylian Mbappé explains to the Parisian having met Aminata Diallo three times as part of a documentary project devoted to the Hamraoui affair, produced in collaboration with Zerba Valley, a company of Kylian Mbappé, before cutting ties.

But a conversation between Diallo and the former journalist suggests to the investigators that Fayza Lamari could have intervened with the leaders of the club for an extension of Diallo. What they consider credible since the two parties evoke as certain the extension of Mbappé to PSG, information which will not be official until several weeks later. Feyza Lamari admitted having discussed this extension with the leaders of PSG, but “in the context of the documentary project”. And according to her, she withdrew from the documentary project when she learned that PSG did not want to extend Diallo.

For the moment, no one has been indicted in this part of the Hamraoui case, César was heard only once last January as a witnessi. Sidelined from the group since the start of the season, Kehira Hamraoui must return to the collective training of PSG. As for Aminata Diallo, she must appear before the judge of freedoms and detention on Wednesday, after her indictment for aggravated violence and criminal association and her imprisonment on Friday.