Free Mobile’s new €2 package is long overdue, price increases are enough… Your best reactions to Free and telecom news

Free Mobile's new €2 package is long overdue, price increases are enough... Your best reactions to Free and telecom news

Free Mobile's new €2 package is long overdue, price increases are enough... Your best reactions to Free and telecom news

Univers Freebox deals with news about Free and telecoms and has always been a space where the community could express itself. Sometimes the answers are very funny, or very relevant, but we must delve into the comments to discover the good words of our readers. We then offer you our small selection in this “Best-Of”.

A change to the €2 pass disappoints Free users, waiting for a more significant change

A new Free Mobile pricing brochure is appearing on the operator’s site with the rates in effect from 19 April. The most significant change concerns the €2 package. The maximum out-of-bundle threshold for Calls, SMS, MMS and internet from abroad and overseas goes from €50 to €40. A news that has awakened the expectations of Free users concerning the enrichment of the cheapest package of Free, expected for months but of which we have no information yet.

Free and its promises for the five-year term please subscribers, but shouldn’t the offer be changed regularly to save money?

While the trend is towards a general price increase, Free Mobile affirms it: there will be no increase in its mobile offers at €2 and €19.99 per month. However, some believe that such a promise is not so valuable, arguing in particular that the prices of fixed offers are not affected and that in any case, it is much more profitable to regularly switch from one offer to another. another to benefit from the best prices. A solution which, however, requires keeping informed and embarking on termination and connection procedures every year, which will not necessarily be suitable for everyone.

Netflix seeks solutions to grow further, consumers are wary

Netflix is ​​running out of steam commercially, but intends to react well. After a slowdown in the last three months of 2021, the American behemoth recorded for the first time in 10 years a drop in its number of subscribers worldwide, i.e. a loss of 200,000 customers during the first quarter. To raise the bar, Netflix has already announced its desire to make its subscribers pay for sharing their account, tests are underway in several countries and is even considering offers with advertisements to further attract subscribers. Ideas which are however not to the taste of many users… Some even have other ideas to submit!

Canal+ on Oqee, finally! A much smoother user experience for some subscribers

Better late than never. To access Canal+ channels apart from the encrypted channel and Canal+ Décalé, Freebox Pop subscribers had no other choice, namely to go through myCanal, which is very annoying especially since the platform does not allow you to connect with any identifier. . This had been the case since the launch of the Free box and its in-house Oqee interface in July 2020. Almost two years later, the two partners finally found common ground. The Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Séries, Canal+ Cinema, Canal+ Grand Ecran, Canal+ Docs and Canal+ Kids channels are now accessible directly on Oqee. You can find them from channel 42 to 47. Good news for Canal+ subscribers who were tired of switching from one platform to another.

A legal vacuum for the deployment of fixed networks that makes people cringe

At the beginning of April, the president of the Departmental Council of La Manche expressed his regrets over Orange’s strategy of not connecting new homes with copper, while some of the homes are not yet served by fiber optics. . The incumbent operator has not been designated as in charge of universal service since November 2020 and despite its commitment to maintain commercial ADSL offers, it no longer has an obligation “to deploy its copper network from the moment that solutions alternatives exist. This is particularly the case for areas where optical fiber is being deployed. Since the end of the copper network is scheduled for 2030, some new homes will therefore not be served by internet connection until optical fiber is installed, or until residents opt for an alternative solution. Something to infuriate some.