Formula 1 | Vasseur: I’m here to make Ferrari succeed, not Leclerc

 Formula 1 |  Vasseur: I'm here to make Ferrari succeed, not Leclerc

After a period of silence and observation, Frédéric Vasseur continued to confide in the press, particularly in Italy.

This is how in the columns of Corriere della Sera, the new boss of Gestione Sportiva at Ferrari spoke about both his personal feelings and his professional ambitions for this 2023 season, drawing up a broad inventory. .

How did he first learn the news of his appointment?

“I was quietly at home drinking coffee. But there had been rumors and I had had time to get used to the idea…”

“Yes, that is definitely my biggest challenge. There is great enthusiasm, expectations are high, but we have to manage to stay cool. »

For the moment, Frédéric Vasseur has mainly walked the corridors of Maranello, to discover his new team and his staff… But when he arrived from Sauber, what impressed him the most?

“The wine list (laughs). In fact, I had already been to Maranello because I was in a customer team (Sauber-Alfa Romeo), I had visited the factory and I already knew some people. No surprise, I rather noticed that everyone starts working early and finishes late because they want to get back on top and win. The objective is clear. »

“I spoke face to face with thirty to thirty-five people, I listened to different points of view. The atmosphere is very positive. »

Does he know why John Elkann set his sights on him?

“Ask John. I can say that my job is to put everyone in the best conditions to do their job. Without being arrogant: I have succeeded many times in what I do, and in thirty-two years, I have refined this understanding. »

What will be the precise role of Frédéric Vasseur within the Scuderia? Wasn’t the hierarchy of Todt’s time, which was accountable to only one big boss around him, simpler (while Frédéric Vasseur had at least two superiors, Benedetto Vigna and John Elkann… )?

“I will report to Mr. Vigna. I don’t know how things worked 30 years ago, that’s how it is now. John’s support is total”

“The cooperation between sector managers is excellent and should be replicated at all levels of the pyramid. Motivation is very high in everyone and that makes me optimistic. When it comes down to it, we move mountains here. »

“The Scuderia is a department of Ferrari, not an independent company: other schemes would be confusing. My role, on the other hand, is clear: I am there so that the team works at best to win the championship. »

A Ferrari a second faster?

The 2023 season must be the year of concretization for Ferrari. To achieve this, Frédéric Vasseur has opened several projects.

But what was his first decision?

“Take Italian lessons (laughs). One hour each morning, starting at seven o’clock. I intend to learn it by the end of the season. »

Frédéric Vasseur’s stated objective for 2023 is clear, victory.

“When you have the confidence of John and Benedetto, good people like Ferrari, the resources and two drivers like Charles and Carlos, you can’t aim for anything but victory. »

“Formula 1 is like that, you have to stay focused on the next race and also look at the next generation of cars. You have to work on parallel planes. »

“I just had a meeting on 2026 [prochaine réglementation d’unité de puissance], but to be competitive, you have to be competitive this year. Everyone has to go in the same direction and that’s what happens. »

The Italian press whispers that the Ferrari 2023 would be one second faster than the F1-75… but is this true according to Frédéric Vasseur?

“I looked at the data, I saw the simulator, everything looks good but we have to wait to see it on the track. The improvements are there, but it’s all relative to what others will do. The goal is to win, there are no other options. »

Does Ferrari also need another technical director to support Simone Resta?

“Enrico (Cardile, director of the chassis department) has managed the situation well throughout the organization and we will continue like this. »

Does Vasseur value Carlos Sainz as much as Charles Leclerc?

In terms of drivers, can Frédéric Vasseur promise that there will be no number 1? That his friendship with Charles Leclerc will not tend to favor the Monegasque over Carlos Sainz?

“Number one is Ferrari. The objective is to make the team win and my policy on this will be very clear: you have to push like crazy with both, then during the season we will understand the situation better. »

“I repeat, I am here to put the team in the best possible position and not him. [Charles Leclerc]. I remember him when I was twelve years old, I discovered his talent by seeing him race in karting, but that has nothing to do with my signing at Ferrari. »

And what does he think of Carlos Sainz?

“As I said, I would have liked to sign him with Renault, then with Sauber: I think that’s the best proof that I have faith in him. »