Foot PSG – Neymar, PSG fears a final disaster

Foot PSG – Neymar, PSG fears a final disaster

Since his return from the 2022 World Cup, Neymar has dragged his misery with Paris Saint-Germain. The Brazilian player is ghostly and on the PSG side we wonder if there is not a serious problem.

The French champions have experienced a big air hole since the resumption of competition, even to the point that PSG no longer really have a margin of error on Lens and OM in the Ligue 1 classification. did not hide, the club had identified this post-World Cup period as one of all dangers, Paris must imperatively succeed in reconnecting its stars as quickly as possible before crossing paths with Bayern Munich for the first time in the Champions League. For the moment, within the Neymar-Messi-Mbappé trio, only the vice-champion of the French world seems to be already at 100% of his capacities and his motivation. Lionel Messi took over without forcing his talent too much, but at least the seven-time Ballon d’Or seems concerned by Paris Saint-Germain, even if he celebrated the Argentine world title for a long time. No, the real major concern concerns Neymar. Because if the number 10 of Seleçao and PSG was on top before the World Cup in Qatar, his return is catastrophic.

Neymar and PSG victims of Brazil?

Injured during the World Cup, Neymar returned during the competition, but he did not prevent the elimination of Brazil. A real disaster for the 30-year-old striker who thought that the World Cup was reaching out to him, following the efforts he had made to be in top form. Despite a real break after this early exit from the Seleçao in Doha, it was a crumpled Neymar who returned to Paris. From his first match, he saw red by being sent off stupidly against Strasbourg, and after his suspension, his performances were totally disastrous, like that of last Sunday in Rennes, where Neymar was useless, to the point of cause a huge controversy around his wish to actually play in the jersey of PSG. But the club may have an explanation.

Indeed, to force his return during the World Cup, after his big ankle injury against Serbia, the medical staff of Brazil did not hesitate to multiply the infiltrations, and that would not be trivial. According to Hugo Delom, Paris Saint-Germain wonders if the Seleçao did not send Neymar into the wall with this horse treatment. “ 23 days before the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League against Bayern Munich (February 14), there are many sources of concern. The first of them concerns the condition of Neymar’s ankle. The Brazilian is having the worst difficulty finding the rhythm. The infiltrations suffered during the World Cup weigh and raise doubts. Internally, we wonder about the time needed for the master to play to find the form “, explains the journalist of the sports daily. However, PSG fans still find it difficult to blame everything on the Brazil team.

And the penalty missed by Neymar in a friendly against a Saudi selection, an exercise where the Brazilian is the best in the world, has added fuel to the fire at a time when some recall that this time of year is always problematic, and not just for sporting reasons. ” It’s the press and can be romanticized, but what we’ve been reading since Sunday isn’t reassuring. The only plan would be to go for pride and pedagogy? Indeed, we can fear the worst », « We can’t take it anymore… always problems with him (even when it’s not necessarily wanted on his part) you have to sell him too much to Chelsea before it’s too late even if he’s an exceptional player there’s too much inconsistency with him », « It’s almost Rio Carnival and her sister’s birthday. Every year he does the same », « After the images of his ankle, seeing him come back so quickly in CDM was very worrying for his return to Paris, unfortunately this is confirmed. Not at ease technically, when he was at his best since the start of the season offensively and made defensive returns », « We have to fire him like that the Mbappe-Messi duo will be 100% “, it is clear that among the Brazilian supporters we have already passed the stage of doubts concerning Neymar.