Florent Pagny sentenced, his daughter Aël posts a photo that says a lot about his state of health

Florent Pagny

For a few months, Florent Pagny has been fighting against his lung cancer. He continues the chemotherapy sessions. Moreover, the sixth and final session is approaching. By then, the singer first took advantage of a short getaway to Mont Saint-Michel with his family. His daughter Aël immortalized the moment and posted a photo of her father on her Instagram account.

The tumor has shrunk

Things have evolved since the famous announcement of Florent Pagny, in January. Indeed, at that time, he said he was a victim of inoperable lung cancer which forced him to cancel his tours.

The coach of “The Voice” followed chemotherapy sessions. At the same time, he also continued to play his role in the TF1 show. Fans could take news of his health through his relatives.

The principal concerned preferred above all to be discreet. Although from time to time, he confides in the evolution of his cancer. That’s what he did recently. Florent Pagny told Nikos Aliagas:

“The latest news I have from inside, if I can put it that way, is that the tumor has shrunk, the size of a good kiwi, I went to a hazelnut after two chemos. »

Instagram screenshot

The interpreter of “Savoir Aimé”, who appeared with a shaved head during the Super Cross Battles of “The Voice” then explained:

“This cancer kind of woke me up, and it redefined my sense of priorities. »

” The boss “

It is obvious that his family is one of his priorities. Since becoming ill, the singer has been spending more time with his family. His wife as well as his children support him in the fight he leads. We could also see him accompanied by his family, during his stay at Mont-Saint-Michel.

The least we can say is that Florent Pagny is at the height of happiness despite the situation. He can count on the support of those around him and the love of his family, including his daughter Aël, to whom he is very close.

Instagram screenshot

She does not hesitate to show the love he feels for his father, sometimes posting pictures of the latter on social networks. She did the same on May 12, 2022, posting a photo of Florent Pagny.

“The boss”, she wrote in the caption.

Seeing the publication, Internet users were quick to comment. They sent their support to the family and especially to Florent Pagny.

“Thank you for sharing these family moments with us. We love your dad so much who makes us dream with his songs. He is a lucky man and father to be surrounded so well, ”we can read.

One detail, however, caught the eye of some in the photo. Indeed, we could see the coach with a cane. A detail which was then confirmed in a video posted by the magazine Gala.

Throughout the video, the father of the family had in his possession a cane. An object that shows that his fight is not easy. Nevertheless, the principal concerned always keeps a smile.

Instagram screenshot

Ael’s reassuring message

You should know that this was not the first time that Florent Pagny’s daughter shared news of her father since his cancer. During a question-and-answer session on Instagram, she responded to a user who was worried about the state of health of the sexagenarian and reassured him.

Commenting on a photo where we saw her enjoying an ice cream with her parents, she confessed that “Everything is fine”. Although the young girl was not in her best state.

For good reason, during an intimate session with her subscribers, she announced to her Instagram community that she had ended her romance with a certain Ariel.

“We haven’t been together for more than 6 months,” replied the young woman to a somewhat curious Internet user during a question-and-answer session.

The young woman was certainly able to benefit from the support of her family in the face of this terrible ordeal. Like what, the good remedy to fight evil sometimes is to have a good time with your family.