Fire atmosphere for Orelsan at the Beauregard Festival: a family celebration with 30,000 friends

Fire atmosphere for Orelsan at the Beauregard Festival: a family celebration with 30,000 friends

Headlining this 4th day of the Beauregard Festival, near Caen, Orelsan entertained and ignited at home. A great family celebration, with 30,000 friends! ©Philippe Rifflet

We almost wonder if the 30,000 people present this Saturday, July 8, 2022, at Beauregard Festivalnear Caen (Calvados), had not all come to see Orelsan. There were so many people in front of the stage an hour before the concert. And so many spectators left with a smile from ear to ear after a show that took everything in its path.

Orelsan Beauregard
30,000 spectators in heaven during the Orelsan concert in Beauregard, this Saturday July 9th. ©Mathieu Girard

“Orelsan appeals to the whole family, young people as well as grandparents”

To see the number of red and blue jerseys from Stade Malherbe in the afternoon, it looked like the D’Ornano stadium! Philippe, 57, and Dragan, 20, were among them for their first in Beauregard. Originally from a town near Livarot, in Calvados, this father and this son came to see Orelsan.

I don’t like rap, I’m rock, apart from Orelsan. He doesn’t wear jewelry, there are no naked women in his music videos and his texts are beautiful. It appeals to both young people and grandparents, to the whole family. I think there will be atmosphere. It’s my baptism of fire here, it keeps me young!

Orelsan Beauregard
Lots of SM Caen shirts at the Beauregard Festival for Orelsan all day. ©Maxence Gorregues

In less than 5 minutes, the public in his pocket

There were people of all ages in front of the Orelsan stage, especially a lot of little ones. An hour before the concert, the crowd had practically reached the control room. At 11:30 p.m., eyes sparkled in front of the stage and Orelsan came forward, checkered jacket on his back, intoning “Civilization”, illuminated by a play of lights behind him.

Orelsan Beauregard
Checked jacket, white T-shirt and precise phrasing: Orelsan is simple and basic at the Beauregard Festival. ©Mathieu Girard

In less than five minutes, the Caen rapper had put the crowd in his pocket. HIS crowd, at home, in Caen. Simple, basic. “You came to mess things up with us Beauregard”, he says, before embarking on “Clean”.

From the fair in Blainville to the apartment on rue Caponnière

Over the minutes, Orelsan and his team took 30,000 friends to a dancing family party that was so successful. From the fairground atmosphere of Blainville-sur-Orne to that of his old apartment on rue Caponnière, with a bottle of whiskey and coke in hand, the fury seized a crowd completely won over to the local cause. of the step.

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Orelsan Beauregard
Lots of Orelsan fans at the Beauregard Festival. ©Philippe Rifflet

“I understand why Liam Gallagher left”

Orelsan took pleasure in making his audience jump or sing on “Best Day”. He even chambered it shortly before the end of his set.

We are at home in Caen or not. Because yesterday in Perpignan was better. I understand why Liam Gallagher left before the end!


Orelsan changed dimension between his 1st and last visit to Beauregard

In 10 years, Orelsan has changed in dimension. Between his first visit to the Beauregard festival in 2012, his second in 2018 and his third this year, the crowd has continued to grow. Until it saturates, Beauregard can only accommodate 30,000 people on the same day!

Orelsan Beauregard
Orelsan put a fire atmosphere in Beauregard ©Mathieu Girard

Orelsan could easily have moved 10,000 more. “Thank you very much for being here, it’s crazy that there are so many of us. You are the best audience in the world! “, he slipped before slipping away after 1h15 of concert. With a delighted audience.

What is certain, in Caen and particularly in Beauregard, is that Orelsan created its civilization.

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