Finally, the Stellantis factory in Douvrin will not produce the EB Gen 3 engine.

Finally, the Stellantis factory in Douvrin will not produce the EB Gen 3 engine.

During a meeting of the social and economic committee (CSE) which took place this Thursday morning, the activity plan of the Stellantis factory in Douvrin was presented for the next three years. Surprisingly, the EB Gen 3 engine announced last year will ultimately not be allocated to the Douvrin site. Only the current generation will remain in the workshops in the long term.

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The speed at which changes occur in the automotive industry has repercussions on industrial sites. The Stellantis engine factory in Douvrin, born in 1970, is condemned, because of the choice of the public authorities to ban the sale of thermal vehicles in the long term (from 2035 in Europe) in favor of electric ones.

Stellantis and Automotive Cells Company, which is building a Gigafactory of batteries for electric cars next door, have agreed to create bridges from one company to another. For the past few months, Stellantis’ strategy has been to adjust the workload of the Douvrin plant to “synchronize” the drop in heat engine volumes and the ramp-up of the future Gigafactory, from 2023.

Stellantis’ plan is proceeding… with a few hiccups. At the end of February 2021, the group confirmed that the successor to the EP engine, at the time only produced in Douvrin, would in future be manufactured in Hungary. A shock followed by a major mobilization. At the same time, Stellantis had to decide whether or not it was going to award Douvrin, in 2023, part of the manufacture of the EB Gen 3 engine, successor to the small three-cylinder petrol engine already produced on site. The good news came a few days later, in mid-April. It was yes. A little over a year later, it’s finally no.

“Freeing Up Skills”

The turnaround was announced this Thursday morning, during a meeting of the social and economic committee (CSE), where the activity plan for the years 2023 to 2025 was presented. is pushed back to July 2023.” We were more specific about how we wanted to stop our DV-R machining lines, so as to free up skills for ACC “, underlines Olivier Roffidal, the director of the site. It was also planned: the end of the EP engine in Douvrin is for the end of 2024. Here again, details were given on the procedures for stopping the lines. ” The objective: to find a solution for each employee “, according to Olivier Roffidal.

There remains the case of the EB engine. Its Gen 3 evolution will therefore not be produced in Douvrin. ” Stellantis has announced that it will no longer sell passenger cars with a thermal engine in Europe in 2030, and the European Commission has announced a ban on the sale of thermal vehicles in 2035. All this is accelerating the movement on the electric vehicle side and the decrease in thermal », justifies Olivier Roffidal. Result : ” We continue the production of the EB Gen 2 engine by adding a reference made in Poland, allowing us to adjust our volume to meet the needs of ACC. In other words, in 2025, only the aging and declining EB Gen 2 engine family will be manufactured in Douvrin, for an estimated volume of 200,000 units that year, compared to 575,000 engines produced, all families combined, in 2021.

The reactions of the trade union organizations to follow in a future edition.

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