Fifth. The Prix du Rhone at Enghien this Saturday, May 28, 2022. – Angers Info

 Fifth.  The Prix du Rhone at Enghien this Saturday, May 28, 2022. – Angers Info

The Prix du Rhone at Enghien this Saturday, May 28, 2022.

Direction Enghien this Saturday, May 28, 2022, for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté most of the day. In this event, the Prix du Rhone will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2150 meters, and endowed with 70,000€.

In this event, Bolero Gar (5) has already done great things in his career, especially on our soil. However, it has been quite disappointing overall lately and has not had any real recent competition in its legs, because it quickly committed irreparable damage during its comeback, at Vincennes. On its good value, it would have a good card to play but we can have doubts about it. For its first attempt in France, last month in Enghien, Sahara Jaeburn (11) made a great comeback. He also went ahead and asked for a breather to finish. Since then, it has shown its quality in the provinces by winning in particular. It seems to have very good shifting. Here, with the 11, it’s a lesser evil. His partner knows him. He deserves quite a bit of credit.

Geny’s secrets

Leo Abrivard: Haribo du Loisir (1) recently showed on the 2,700 meters that he had regained his feelings. He won with style. The data changes this time, it is the 2,150 meters in Enghien. On the speed courses of the cinder, it takes holding. Here, more speed. It will also be necessary to beat Kennedy (3). Nevertheless, he is very well placed and must finish on the podium.

Eric Hansen Bondo: Wild West Diamant (2) held its game well in Aby at the beginning of the month on a held course. I like it so much on this type of course. It is capable of a long acceleration, not a sudden change in speed. We inherited a good number in lane 2, that should make it possible not to be too far off the lead. This race is a goal. He has my confidence to finish on the podium.

Julien Le Mer: Kennedy (3) hasn’t raced in a while because he just didn’t have any entries available to him. We had to wait for this great race. I think he will be good for this event but you never know anyway. As he liked Mauquenchy, there are reasons to think that he will adapt to the route at Enghien. Normally he should perform well.

Benjamin Rochard: I have often been associated with Fiesta du Belver (6). It is consistent in its performance and formidable on flat tracks. It should be happy on this track. With the help of a good course, by saving it until the entry of the straight line, it always produces good ends of races. If all goes well, I expect a good performance.

Eric Raffin: Galla de Manche (7) is on his distance, has just run uphill and will this time be barefooted four feet. Unfortunately, she inherited number 7 behind the autostart. If she had had 1, 2 or 3, I would have seen her in the winning quinté but, there, her place behind the wings of the car is not to her advantage. It will be necessary to be able to count on favorable circumstances.

Nicolas Bridault: Heart of Gold (8) made a small comeback in April on the 2,150 meters of Enghien but he was able to return to victory. It is comfortable on this course and the flat profiles. He has not been seen since. I waited for this commitment. He climbs in parallel and has not remained without activity. He is able to confirm and still actively compete for the first places. He knows how to sprint.

Jean-Christophe Germain: Gold Mencourt (9) returns to its best level as always at this time of year. Spring suits him perfectly. He won in Laval, showing his recent form. Now, here, the opposition is great with 5 year olds and foreigners. Enghien is doing well but we are second in line. He will go to the Trophée d’Alençon next. He will do his best and why not a small place.

Jarmo Niskanen: Cyrano de B. (10) suffered health problems after the winter and had to be retired. In the morning, he is really not demonstrative and it is difficult to locate. He was out of pace in Laval at the end of April. Then it went badly at the start in Reims. Since then, he seems better in training. He is approaching his good level. It still risks missing out a little but it can claim to contest the finish.

Frederic Prat: For his comeback, on May 17, Ginai des Thorns (12) showed himself to be a bit brilliant in a well-run race. He asked to breathe. I thought it was a little closer than that. Here, he uses the trot. He keeps his irons. The objective is to achieve a clean route before other uphill outings to come. Its ambitions are quite limited.

Bruno Bourgoin: Hamilton Renka (13) has been ill and has not been seen for two months. Of freshness, it has gone off at a gallop recently. It can happen to him. This race has done him good. It is slightly on the rise. He has speed and appreciates flat profiles. The opposition remains formidable and we are in the second line. Beforehand, it’s not easy but he is a trotter and will do his best.

Filippo Rocca: Balsamine Font (14) had breathing problems after his last outing and had to take some rest. She has not been seen for two months. That said, she prepares quite quickly and during a speed drill ten days ago, she did a mile in 1’10” at home. It does well in Enghien and the speed courses. She has the skills for a leading role.

Michel F Rothengatter:City Guide (15) hadn’t had a race available for a month. He continued to train regularly at the beach. He is very well physically. Evolving on flat profiles suits him well. He likes races with rhythm and going over others to finish. You have to keep your morale up. If he can have the right race, he is able to slip into the finish.

Stephane Provoost: The last performance of Hermine Girl (16), in Vincennes, was intended to prepare her for this race. Unfortunately, she inherited a very bad second line number. I tried to bring him to the top for this event but I am disappointed with the draw. Her driver will have to be very inspired so that she can defend her chances.

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