Fifth. The Ile de France Handicap in Saint Cloud this Tuesday, May 17, 2022. – Angers Info

 Fifth.  The Prix de la Forêt de Chantilly this Tuesday, May 3, 2022. – Angers Info

The Ile de France Handicap in Saint Cloud this Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Direction Saint Cloud this Tuesday, May 17, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Ile de France Handicap will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2100 meters, and endowed with 50,000€.

In this event, Santurin (1) has just made a decent comeback at Lyon-Parilly. Formerly placed in a group in his youth, he has since revised his claims downwards and here he will take part in his first handicap. It should have gained in condition on its recent comeback and should be able to interfere in the winning combination of this fifth. Lettyt Fight (3) is a well-known competitor at the level that interests us here. His two outings of the year were not conclusive on paper. But to relativize. His comeback race had been encouraging. And lately he was forced to start his effort a little early having had to progress in thickness. With a good course on Tuesday, this follower of good terrain can redeem himself here. Salduro (8) is a brand new horse that his entourage has oriented towards handicaps this year. After an encouraging first outing at the level of fifths, it has not recently confirmed in stride. In his defense that day he was forced to travel in thickness. Still perfectible we will be careful not to condemn it hastily. Golfing Star (13) has been in the spotlight lately. Unfortunately for his takers he was arrested by his partner that day. This one, like a lot of his colleagues, having heard a loud noise halfway through the race and Stéphane Pasquier fearing a physical problem with his mount, chose to stop it. Fortunately for his entourage more fear than harm. This chic horse can be redeemed here…

Geny’s secrets

Mathieu Brasme: Ilot Secret (2) had a good entry last time and he didn’t miss it. It is deserved because it needed to regain its morale by imposing itself, which always gives its all in fifths. This victory gave him heartache and comes with a hell of a morale on this tournament. Logically, he has a good card to play.

Henri-Alex Pantall: Rue des Irlandais (4) remains competitive for success provided that everything goes as well as possible during the course because it is a real wait-and-see. Now, she is going to find a route that she loves and I hope to see her play the leading roles again.

Stephane Wattel: Baratin (5) had an easy run to win in April, where he regained confidence. I think that since he was neutered I run him for too long distances, hence his chaotic results since the beginning of the year. I hope not to be mistaken presenting it on shorter. It is certainly better on a softer track, but it can do well on good ground.

Christopher Escuder: Gipsy Jet Sept (6) remains on a plethora of good outings. At this value, it is competitive in handicaps and in fifths it is perhaps a little more difficult for successes but a place is within reach. However, he is currently going through a great period of form.

Mikel Delzangles: The Charmer (7) fell on a “bone” and holds good performance which leads me to believe he is competitive in 36 value. With a good course of racing, he should run very well.

David Smaga: El Manifico (9) once again defended very well recently in a similar lot. Since then everything has been fine for him. A new good behavior on his part is therefore logically expected on Tuesday.

Vaclav Luka: Ideal King (10) had small health concerns and made his comeback in April. I don’t think he has much of a chance here and he’s not the best placed on the line. It’s hard to be optimistic.

Georgios Alimpinisis: Naishan (11) remains on two relatively disappointing outings in similar runs. Without really being able to explain it. He is indeed true to himself in the morning. His rider, who rides him every day, always finds him just as good. Lately he has never been in the race having the behavior of a foal according to his jockey. We hope to see him show his true colors on Tuesday.

Miss Anne-Sophie Crombez: Replenish (12) is in good shape. At his age, we work on freshness so that he arrives voluntarily at the races. But at his age, he also knows the music well and it is difficult to know what his behavior will be. He seems to me to be in good spirits at the moment, but Tuesday will be hot and heavy, which bothers me a little. It also returns to Saint-Cloud, which also poses a small question mark.

Ms. Pia Brandt: Bourdain (14) does almost all his shopping. Lowered in weight, he has just shown by returning to a handicap that he could be competitive in 33 value. Now, I would have preferred a right-hand course as the first event… Here, he will do his best and I hope he can grab a place.

Frederic Head: En Or (15) just ran well in a similar race over a bit longer and in a bit sticky ground. The horse stayed well and he should behave well, although the distance may be a bit short.

Matthew Boutin: Bene Bene (16) remains on a very good outing on this track. That day this very honest and manageable horse was ridden at the forefront. But he can also wait during the course. It all depends on the pace of the race. Remained in good condition I hope to see him again defend well on Tuesday

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