EXCLUDED More beautiful life: the end of Jacob, Kevin and Camille in love, Kilian fired from high school (PBLV info)

EXCLU Plus belle la vie : la fin de Jacob, Kevin et Camille amoureux, Kylian viré du lycée (infos PBLV)

EXCLUDED More beautiful life in advance: intrigues and spoilers in advance PBLV until June 3, 2022 On this Sunday evening synonymous with the end of the weekend, it is time for the most curious fans of “Plus belle la vie” to find out more about what will happen in the next episodes. Indeed, Stars Actu reveals to you what will happen, in preview and exclusively.


And in three weeks, we can tell you that it’s really the end for Jacob!

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Indeed, Jacob wakes up and tries in vain to escape from the hospital. He finds himself held up by two policemen. Ariane finally holds him face to face. She tries to find out Camille’s degree of involvement in all these murders, but Jacob remains silent. Later, he completely whitewashes Camille, claiming that she was only his slave for all these years…


For his part, Kevin realizes that he is in love with Camille! And despite Baptiste’s warnings, Kevin decides to assume their relationship in front of everyone. He goes to dine with Baptiste and Emma with Camille, he even meets Emilie on the way and fully assumes.

Barbara meets Tim, who is run over by a truck in front of her. She calls the emergency services which take her to the hospital. She is troubled by the young man. Tim opens his eyes in the hospital and asks Barbara not to tell the cops about what happened. Barbara feels a strong attraction to Tim.

Barbara returns to see Tim at the hospital. The latter is worried about his drone which had to stay at the scene of the accident. He asks Barbara to accompany him to the construction site. Barbara informs Tim that the truck that ran him over had a logo on it. Tim tilte: it’s the site company where he filmed the young people in Parkour. It’s no coincidence that the truck drove into Tim. He is going to need a lawyer and Barbara decides to introduce him to Abdel.

Barbara rings at Abdel’s in the early morning. Abdel worries that she is putting herself in danger for Tim. He reminds him that BTC is a powerful company and Tim is going to tackle a big chunk. Tim asks Barbara to help him with his work. He has an appointment with the guys from Urban 13, he has to film a documentary for them, but having his arm in a sling he can’t do anything. Barbara lends herself to the game…

In high school, no one wants to talk to Kilian anymore. Sunalee even threatens to quit the class if Kilian doesn’t leave. Lola tries to make Kilian open his eyes and the latter still does not see the seriousness of the facts. He puts it down to a passionate relationship with Betty… But a few days later, the judge orders a measure of removal against Kilian to protect Betty. The latter, being the victim, it is Kilian who must leave Scotto…

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Summary of the next unpublished episode, to discover Monday May 9 on France 3

Ariane feels guilty for not having noticed Jacob’s real identity before. She arranges to meet him on the pretext that she does not feel well and that only he can understand her. It’s obviously a trap and the police are going to set up a mousetrap. For her part, Emma is worried about Camille’s absence and asks Laetitia where Kevin is. The latter has left on the way to Compostela and has no news of Camille…

Roland gave his boat to Kilian. With the help of Léo and Noé, Kilian customizes it to surprise Betty. The latter is moved, and unlike her own father, Kilian’s father assures. They land in a cove and make love. Kilian tells Betty that he loves her and she asks him to repeat these words several times which make him feel good…

Abdel sets up his practice at his home. Abdel is reduced to accepting all sorts of cases, such as a neighborhood dispute…

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