EXCLUDED More beautiful life: Jacob arrested, Abdel and Barbara spend the night together, Kilian hits Betty (PBLV info)

EXCLU Plus belle la vie : Jacob arrêté, Abdel et Barbara passent la nuit ensemble, Kilian frappe Betty (infos PBLV)

EXCLUDED More beautiful life in advance: intrigues and spoilers in advance PBLV until May 20, 2022 As the end of the weekend approaches, on this holiday it’s time for the most impatient addicts to the Marseille series “Plus belle la vie” to find out more about what will happen in the next episodes. . Indeed, Stars Actu reveals to you what will happen, in preview and exclusively.


And in three weeks, we can tell you that Jacob will finally be arrested by the police!

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After staying in a camp for two days, Camille and Kevin decide to continue their journey. Very quickly they realize that they are being followed. Kevin is scared and asks Camille to run. Jacob catches up with them with a gun but Kevin, hidden with Camille, hugs him to reassure her. Jacob resumes his journey without having seen them.


Ariane and Mathieu question Mr. Gauthier, Jacob’s former neighbor, who tells them that Jacob often went on vacation to Croatia, more precisely to a region. The next day, Revel is convinced by Ariane and Mathieu’s discoveries and asks them to go to Croatia.

Meanwhile, Camille is attacked by a snake. Kevin sucks the snake’s venom but Camille loses consciousness. Kevin is in tears and his vision of Camille begins to change, they call themselves an idiot: he who had love in front of him. Camille pretends to regain consciousness and snuggles against him…

Ariane and Mathieu find Jacob, Mathieu tell him about it and Ariane is angry. Without him, they won’t be able to find Kevin! Camille arrives at a shelter but the supplies promised by Jacob are not there. She turns pale, the plan is ruined. She bursts into tears and Kevin comforts her, promising that they will be fine. The two kiss and make love. Patrick tells Emma and Laetitia that they have arrested Jacob but that they have not yet found Camille and Kevin’s trace…

It’s a relief for Laetitia and Emma: Kevin and Camille are saved. They are questioned by the police. Very quickly Kevin can go home, but Camille must stay, the police have doubts about her and her involvement. She must answer all their questions. Kevin is confused in his feelings towards Camille, he needs time to see more clearly…

For their part, Abdel and Barbara have done it again. They spent the night together but both realize that there is no more chemistry. They end up admitting it to each other and decide to move on.

As for Kilian, he hit Betty, who is struggling to hide her bruise… She doesn’t want to see him anymore and takes refuge with Noé. Léa convinces Betty to file a complaint against Kilian. She walks backwards to the police station. Thomas, who is far away, imagines Kilian’s violence, tries to reason with him so that he returns to class…

As for Vidal, he stops with Sylvia and starts a relationship with… Emilie!

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Summary of the next new episode, to discover Monday May 2 on France 3

Ariane presents her arguments to Patrick: what if they have been on the wrong track so far and if the Jacob found dead was in fact an accomplice of the real Jacob? Patrick doesn’t believe it. Mathieu advises Ariane to follow her instincts. Kevin tells Baptiste how Emilie stopped him. Camille listens discreetly and if at first the young girl finds hope, she quickly becomes disillusioned when she hears that Emilie was the woman of his life and that he will not find anyone else. At the Mistral, Jacob comes by authority to sit down at a table behind Camille’s. The latter asks her to leave but just then Ariane arrives: she wants to speak to Julien Hirrigoyen in private…

Betty would like to borrow Lola’s four-leaf clover pendant in order to bring her luck today. She has an appointment with her father and is afraid that he will put a plan on her like the day before. Mr Solano joins Betty at the Marci. Very quickly, they are joined by Julie, Mr. Solano’s new companion. She is pregnant, Betty is hallucinating but she is not at the end of her troubles: her father tells her that he is moving to Brussels with Julie…

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