Emma is launching promos on its bedding ecosystem

Emma is launching promos on its bedding ecosystem

This is the right time to completely rethink your bedding. Emma’s Hybrid mattress, voted “best choice” according to UFC-Que Choisir, is on sale during the sales. And it’s not the only product from the manufacturer to enjoy a low price.

Changing mattresses or box springs is expensive. Especially if you turn to quality products in order, for example, to put an end to the back problems that an old or low-end mattress can bring. With the holidays approaching, we tell ourselves that this is not the right time to crack for new bedding.

However, the period is ideal. The summer sales have started, especially at Emma, ​​which offers its best mattresses, bed frames, sheets or pillows at reduced prices. Even the star of its catalog, the Hybrid mattress benefits from a big reduction since it drops to 649 euros instead of 999 euros in its 140 x 190 cm version.

What is a hybrid mattress?

Unlike a classic mattress which is made of only one material, Emma’s mattress combines two different technologies: foam and springs. This is why we say that this mattress is hybrid.

Emma 4

In the case of Emma’s Hybrid mattress, it thus compiles 5 different layers, namely:

  • an Ultra-Dry cover responsible for temperature regulation;
  • Airgocell foam for comfort and heat evacuation;
  • memory foam;
  • 522 AeroFlex pocket coils for ventilation and support;
  • HRX foam that cushions movement.

A combination of elements that make Emma’s Hybrid mattress stand out.

An award-winning mattress

Proof, if any, of the excellent quality of this mattress: for several years now, it has received the title of “best choiceaccording to UFC-Que Choisir.

It must be said that this mattress is not lacking in assets. It provides excellent support for your spine, which prevents back problems when you wake up. In addition, it is able to dampen movements, so as not to disturb your partner during a restless night.

Emma 6

Without forgetting good heat management, so as not to cook during summer nights. The air circulates inside and guarantees good ventilation. The top cover is also detachable and washable.

Rather than long speeches, Emma wants to convince you by offering to try the product for 100 nights. If at the end of this period, you are not convinced, the manufacturer will take back your mattress free of charge (delivery included) and reimburse you within 14 days.

The new strength of the Emma Hybrid mattress is its price. During the sales, Emma applies a 35% reduction on all sizes of its Hybrid mattress (from 80 x 200 cm to 200 x 200 cm). It is thus possible to take advantage of a 140 x 190 cm mattress for 649 euros instead of 999 euros.

Emma’s Other Good Deals

The manufacturer is not content with selling off its Hybrid mattress: its entire bedding ecosystem is on sale.

This means that you can fall for a box spring, bed linen or simple pillows without destroying all your savings. We’ve compiled a list of the best deals for you.

Emma’s Select bed base at -29%

To enjoy a good bed, the box spring is just as important as the mattress. Good news ! Emma offers its Select bed base with a 29% reduction during the sales.

Emma 5

You can customize the color of the frame and the headboard, as well as the feet, so that it blends perfectly with the decoration of your room.

Again, all sizes are on sale. The Select 140 x 190 cm bed base thus goes to 390 euros instead of 549 euros.

The Original pillow at -29%

You’ve got the mattress, you’ve got the box spring, it’s time to move on to the pillow. Of all the pillows offered by Emma, ​​the Original is the most interesting. Already because it is the best-selling cushion by the manufacturer in France. But he is also the one who benefits from the greatest reduction since he enjoys a price reduction of 29%.

Emma 2

It is above all a well thought out pillow. It consists of three layers of foam, which can be removed independently of each other to adjust the height. Whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side, you can always enjoy good cervical support.

The Original pillow, whose cover is easily washable, is now sold at 48.99 euros against 69 euros usually.

Bed linen at -35%

To dress all these beautiful people, Emma did not forget the bed linen. And the manufacturer gives you the choice since it offers cotton or cotton percale sheets. This last fabric is a guarantee of good quality as it is widespread in the world of the hotel industry.

Emma 1

Whatever fabric you choose, many colors are available to you. We thus unearth powder pink, pearl grey, white, sand beige or water green.

In all cases, the promotion is the same: -35%. Concretely, your 100% cotton percale sand set including two pillowcases (65 x 65 cm) a fitted sheet (140 x 190 cm) and a duvet cover (140 x 200 cm) falls to 105 euros instead of 161 euros.