Elden Ring, the Great Jar: where to find it and how to get its excellent talisman? Our guide

 Elden Ring, the Great Jar: where to find it and how to get its excellent talisman?  Our guide

news tip Elden Ring, the Great Jar: where to find it and how to get its excellent talisman? Our guide

Have you ever heard of the Great Jar in Elden Ring? We offer you to explain where and how to find it, for a hidden quest that will allow you to recover an excellent talisman in the game of FromSoftware.

Here is the location of a well-hidden NPC, which will allow you to recover a good talisman in Elden Ring: the Arsenal of the Great Jar. You will have to walk a little underground to be able to recover it however, but do not panic, we explain everything to you! After collecting it, you can, for example, work on your life absorption build or go and collect your Gold Order Greatsword.

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Everything will start in Necrolimboand more specifically Well of the Siofrawhich lies to the east of grace point “Edge of misty woods. Go to the place indicated on the screenshot above, and press the button of the platform while stopping on it. You will then begin a long descent underground.

Once in Siofra, go straight and continue at the level of the pillars, pass the many enemies waiting for you while remaining on your mount, until you come to near the steps to climb which will take you to another elevator.

Advance in the area, which, as you will see, is gigantic. However, continue straight until you come across a small mound of dirt with a teleporter (a stone with a circle in the center, and a transparent beam). Take it.

You will then arrive at another location. Here, your goal will be to go straight, and above all to avoid the archers, who are probably paid to do everything to make you live in hell. Keep going until you reach a staircase like in the screenshots. At the top of it is a statue that will ask you for a Stoneblade Key to be activated. Give it to light the elevator platform that is right next to it, and use it.

You are back on the surface! Activate it place of gracethen go to the side of purple lights, West. Here, try to kill the two archers if possible in order to be safe. Here you are facing the large jar.

Talk to him. She will then cause 3 red summoning marks to appear. The goal here is going to be to summon each enemy, and kill them. You will have to kill all 3 in one go (not at the same time, but if you die on the 2nd enemy, you will have to start over from the first). So plan to heal and buff yourself, then summon the first enemy. Once dead, summon the 2nd, then the 3rd after killing it.

Note that the enemies here are random, so if one of them kills you, you probably won’t run into them. Once the 3 enemies are killed, the Great Jar recognizes your strength and gives you the Arsenal of the Great Jaran excellent talisman that allows you to gain almost 19% of maximum weight before going over a cap… which will allow you to ride optimally while wearing heavy armor…

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