Elden Ring: A renowned modder wants to make the experience even more immersive!

Elden Ring: A famous modder wants to make the experience even more immersive!

Game News Elden Ring: A famous modder wants to make the experience even more immersive!

While speedrunners are the current hot topic around Elden Ring, modders are no exception and are continually working on new things, whether just for fun or to enrich the experience in various ways. Of course, the modding scene couldn’t miss virtual reality for long.

Elden Ring, which has already passed more than 12 million units, truly took From Software to another dimension. Dark Souls III and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice were of course very well received and the studio already had an excellent reputation, but in terms of sales, Elden Ring turned everything upside down.

A well-known modder is working on a VR mod for Elden Ring

The speedrun scene grabbed the titlemany content creators dissect the lore of the game, while the most handy of the players indulge in modding, which is to add content or change some things. Some published mods allow you to add iconic weapons from the video game, to recover outfits of the same kind, others rethink the handling or the interface, etc.. But the mod we are going to talk about today concerns the virtual reality.

Elden Ring is a third person game, with a camera finally quite far from the character. A choice of game design completely justified by the gigantism of the world and certain creatures, as well as by the need to allow players to have a global view of what surrounds them. Luke Ross, a famous modder known for developing VR mods for Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption II, Cyberpunk 2077, Mafia Trilogy or even Horizon: Zero Dawndecided to look into the case of the production of From Software.

A desire to reinforce immersion and a real technical challenge

Asked by PC Gamer, Luke Ross presented his project. He therefore indicates that he is developing a VR mode, which he demonstrates on its Youtube channel, but specifies that it retains and integrates the basic camera as well as a camera at an intermediate distance. He has also worked on a way to maintain a stable line of sight with a gaze-guided camerathus reducing the risk of motion sickness.

The third person camera in this game is really far away (about 5m on average) and it doesn’t work very well in VR. Instead of being in the middle of the action, you’re like, “Hey, is there anything going on over there?” Still, I’ll leave the stock camera as an option for the purists. I’ll probably add an intermediate third-person camera. But I think the first person camera is the best.

When rolling or performing other scripted animations such as combat moves, the camera follows the character’s head (so their position changes) but remains oriented correctly based on what your head is doing in real life . So the horizon will stay level and the world will always look stable in Elden Ring VR mod.

The mod should be available by the end of the weekbut to download it, you will have to go support Luke Ross on his Patreon. The subscription is charged 9€ per month, and allows access to the modder’s various works. Currently, 2448 people support his work, recognized by the modding community.

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