Ecological dictatorship. The Crédit Mutuel credit card that monitors your carbon “expenses”!

 Ecological dictatorship.  The Crédit Mutuel credit card that monitors your carbon

It’s so beautiful ! With the Aumax card, you will save the oceans and the entire planet!

How ?

By buying lots of gadgets that you probably don’t need, but you will at least know how much you spend on “carbon”!

Nobody will tell you that one of the major problems we should be tackling is excessive and unnecessary consumption, and we are all affected by “compulsive” purchases triggered not by need but by advertisements and marketing. The problem is not so much to make me aware of my “carbon” consumption as to help me to buy less, and to start by buying less, all advertising should be removed!

Imagine a world without advertising. Imagine a world where there would be no more commercial solicitation! I can assure you that many products would simply no longer sell, because the need is greatly amplified, if not purely created by advertising.

I leave the floor to the Aumax site itself which explains the thing so nicely:

“To make you aware of environmental issues, Aumax pour moi has partnered with Greenly to allow you to estimate your carbon footprint on the purchase of daily products.

Why ? The carbon footprint represents the amount of carbon emitted by the consumption of energy and raw materials by a person, a process or an organization. A gesture as simple as paying with your bank card becomes a source of valuable information to better understand what is at stake in our purchases.

It actually includes the combined emissions of three greenhouse gases. And one of the axes to fight against climate change is the reduction of our emissions.

Aumax for me wishes through Aumax responsible to offer tools that can accompany you throughout your transition, regardless of your level of action, your new debit card accompanies you in your objectives! »

Rest assured, for the moment no one is forcing you to have your purchases monitored or to increase your guilt or your eco-anxiety since nothing is forcing you to take an Aumax card!

That our religious carbon go to “confess” with their green card to the RSE-GTI 16 valves does not pose any problem to me.

What draws my attention here is the proliferation of tools allowing us to trace our individual carbon footprint, and inevitably, our “friendly” ecologists who are only the high priests of the mother goddess Gaia will end up wanting to limit us in our freedoms and monitoring our “carbon spending”.

A perfect tool of rationing and limitation is being born before your eyes.

For the moment it is “testing” and volunteering. It is “sensitization”.

If we are not careful, in the name of the good and the holy religion of Mother Earth, you will be cut off from access to your money.

“Carbon credit exhausted”. You have been “deactivated”.

From the vaccination pass to the carbon pass, the logic of anti-democratic surveillance is perfectly visible. The perfectly predictable drifts.

Charles SANNAT

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