DIRECT. War in Ukraine: the country’s accession to the EU will “probably take decades”, judges Macron

 DIRECT.  War in Ukraine: the country's accession to the EU will


“Four new Boutcha” in progress, says an adviser to Zelensky

“Mass rapes, child murders, elderly murders, shootings of civilians, etc. So we can’t talk about brotherhood [entre l’Ukraine et la Russie] so far,” he continued.


The effect of the sanctions is being felt on the Russian armament, according to the Pentagon

The Pentagon believes that the Russian arms industry is struggling to replace the guided missiles used by the Russian army in Ukraine because of the embargo on electronic components that hits Russia.

The Russians have launched so many missiles into Ukraine “that they’ve run out of precision-guided weapons and are having trouble replacing them,” said a senior US official.


Special Thursday meeting of the Human Rights Council

At kyiv’s request, the UN Human Rights Council will hold an extraordinary session on Thursday on “the deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine”, which has been invaded by Russia. This is the first meeting devoted to this subject since the UN General Assembly suspended Russia in early April from the highest body of the international organization in the field of human rights.


“Decades for Ukraine to really join the EU”, according to Macron

“It will take years, probably decades, for Ukraine to really be able to join the European Union,” explains the Head of State. At the moment, the EU can only “have an accelerated procedure to accept candidate status for Ukraine”.


Emmanuel Macron gives a press conference in Berlin

The Head of State has arrived in Germany and is giving a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for his first international trip. He returns to the war in Ukraine. “The challenge that is ours is to face the return of war on our continent”, explains the president, who wants “to do everything to protect democracy, to be alongside the Ukraine while protecting our peoples against the spread of war”.


US suspends tariffs on Ukrainian steel for a year

The United States has decided to suspend customs duties on steel from Ukraine for a year to support the country’s exports. “Some of Ukraine’s largest steel communities have been among the hardest hit by (Vladimir) Putin’s barbarism, and the Mariupol steel plant has become a symbol of Ukraine’s determination to resist the aggression of Russia,” the Commerce Department said in a statement.


Finns back NATO bid

More than three quarters of Finns now support a candidacy for NATO, according to a new poll published today, a few days before the expected decision in Helsinki. According to the survey published by public television Yle, 76% of Finns (a record) want the country to join NATO, compared to 60% in March. Before the invasion of Ukraine, supporters of NATO membership in Finland had stagnated around 20-30% in recent years.


OECD countries favor temporary reception arrangements

Pursue the integration of Ukrainian refugees or facilitate their eventual return to the country? In the choice of their reception arrangements, the Member States of the Organization for Cooperation and Development (OECD) have instead opted for “temporary” integration, according to a report by the Organization published today.

“The majority of countries have instead set up specific measures to assist Ukrainians in their most immediate needs, thus considering that their length of stay is in fact temporary”, writes the OECD in its report, despite “the ‘uncertain evolution of the war’.


May 9 parade in Moscow: what to read between the lines of Putin’s speech

In a much-anticipated speech marking the anniversary of the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany, the Russian president justified his offensive in Ukraine and castigated the “unacceptable threat” from the West. Analysis of his speech.


Von der Leyen in Hungary to discuss the oil embargo

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen travels to Hungary on Monday to discuss with Viktor Orban “the security of Europe’s energy supply”, her spokesperson announced, as Budapest blocks an embargo project on Russian oil.

A landlocked country dependent on its oil purchases from Russia, Hungary is asking its European Union partners for guarantees for its supplies in order to agree to a sixth package of sanctions against Russia including a halt to oil purchases from this country.


Dozens of countries call for Human Rights Council meeting

Ukraine, supported by dozens of countries, is calling for an extraordinary session of the United Nations Human Rights Council to be held in response to “the war crimes committed by Russia” in the country.

“This initiative is supported by nearly 60 States from all regions of the world. Together we send another strong message to Putin and his clique of war criminals: you are isolated like never before,” Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN Yevheniia Filipenko said in a video posted on Twitter.


Was the Moscow air parade for May 9 really canceled because of the weather?

In addition to Moscow, flypasts in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Samara were also canceled due to bad weather according to several Russian media. But is the weather really to blame? Explanations.


Pro-Russian separatists march in Mariupol for May 9

A gigantic ribbon of St. George, a Russian patriotic symbol, was carried by pro-Russian separatists through the destroyed city of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine to celebrate May 9, which marks the victory over the Nazis in 1945. The 300-meter version was carried through the port city by a motorcade led by separatist leader Denis Pushilin, according to a message posted on his Telegram messaging account.


Charles Michel safe


Russian ambassador to Poland drenched in fake blood

On the sidelines of a ceremony in Warsaw which celebrated the end of the Second World War, the Russian ambassador to Poland was sprayed with fake blood by pro-Ukrainian demonstrators. Pictures show him with his face and shirt smeared with red paint.


Charles Michel supports Ukrainians

“The Kremlin wants to suppress your spirit of freedom and democracy. I am totally convinced that he will never get there, ”says in a video message published on Twitter the President of the European Council, visiting Odessa. His message to the Ukrainian people comes hours after the May 9 commemorations in Moscow celebrating the victory over Nazi Germany.


Peace will not be built on the ‘humiliation’ of Russia, says Macron

“Tomorrow we will have a peace to build, let’s never forget that. We will have to do this with Ukraine and Russia around the table (…) But this will not be done in negation, nor in the exclusion of one another, nor even in humiliation “, declared the French president during a press conference at the European Parliament.


Almost half of EU member states oppose treaty change

They say no. Thirteen of the 27 countries of the European Union oppose the launch of a procedure to change the European treaties.

“We are not in favor of reckless and premature attempts to launch” such a procedure, write these countries, including Poland, Romania and Finland, according to a text posted Monday on Twitter by Sweden, also a signatory. who oppose this perspective point to the risk of a “loss of energy” and believe that a revision of the treaties “has never been an objective” of the Conference.


What to remember from Macron’s speech

Shortly after the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, Emmanuel Macron supported the idea of ​​a revision of the treaties in areas such as health or defence. Point.


A “European political community”

Emmanuel Macron calls for the creation of a “European political community” to welcome Ukraine in particular, in parallel with an EU accession procedure which would take “decades”.

“This new European organization would enable the democratic European nations adhering to our core values ​​to find a new space for political cooperation, security and cooperation”, declared the French President on the occasion of the closing of the Conference on the future of Europe.


Reform Europe? Leyen and Macron are for

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is in favor of a modification of the EU treaties “if necessary”. She also wants unanimity voting to be abandoned in key areas. A position shared by Emmanuel Macron. The two leaders undoubtedly have in mind the embargo of the embargo on Russian oil, stopped in particular by Hungary this Friday, when a majority of member states were for it.


“Do not give in to the spirit of revenge”

“When peace returns, we will have to rebuild the balance of security and not give in to the spirit of humiliation and revenge,” declared Emmanuel Macron in Strasbourg.

Emmanuel Macron at the podium of the conference on the future of Europe. Ludovic Marin/Reuters.


Support Ukraine, without co-belligerence

In showing his support for Ukraine, the French president specified that it “is only up to Ukraine to define the conditions for negotiations with Russia, but our duty is to be at its side to obtain a ceasefire. – the fire necessary for peace”. A way of showing that Europe does not intervene in the conflict.


Emmanuel Macron speaks

“This living, creative, democratic Europe”… Faced with the commemorations of Putin, Emmanuel Macron highlights European unity and sovereignty, during the Conference on the future of Europe, in Strasbourg. “On May 9, freedom and confidence in the future have the face of the European Union,” he said before showing his support for Volodymyr Zelensky.


Charles Michel forced to take shelter

On a surprise visit to Odessa in Ukraine, the President of the European Council Charles Michel was forced to take shelter because of strikes.