Daily Hotfixes: Fateful Raids, Mythic+, Items, and Rewards – World of Warcraft

Daily Hotfixes: Fateful Raids, Mythic+, Items, and Rewards - World of Warcraft

A new salvo of fixes was deployed last night on WoW. This concerns fateful raids, Mythic+ as well as certain items and rewards. Find the details below.

August 15, 2022

Dungeons and Raids

  • Fate Raids
    • [Avec le redémarrage] Enemy health reduced by 5% on Fateful Heroic and Fateful Mythic difficulties.
      • Developers’ note: We believe that a health reduction will make some of the tougher fights in the raid easier without devaluing the experience.
  • Mythic+
    • Affixes
      • Disguise
        • Nightmare Clouds will now despawn faster when Nathrezim Infiltrators are captured.
    • Grimrail Depot
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Grimrail Technician 50,000 Volt cast time increased to 3.5 seconds (was 2.5 seconds).
    • Iron Docks
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Slashing Charge is now only cast by Grom’kar Footmen.
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Grom’kar Footmen Slashing Charge damage reduced by 35%.
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Ogron Laborers Thunderous Stomp damage reduced by 25%.
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Thunderlord Brawlers Throw damage now reduced by armor.
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Enraged Clefthoof life reduced by 15%.
      • Grimrail Enforcers
        • Fixed an issue where enemies would fail to cast abilities at specific locations.
    • Return to Karazhan: Lower
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Arcane Guardians Unstable Charge damage reduced by 40%.
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Skeleton Openers Flashlight damage reduced by 20%.
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Skeletal Openers health reduced by 25%.
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Spectral Client Uppercut damage reduced by 20%.
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Phantom Machinists’ Piledriver now has a 1.5 second cast time (was instant) and increases damage taken by 25% (was 50%).
      • Fixed an issue where Death Knight Blood Dancing Rune Weapon would hit unintended targets with Blood Boil through floors.
      • Opera House: Beautiful Beast
        • [Avec le redémarrage] Jean-Fourne’s Armor Dent now has a 1.5 second cast time (was instant).
        • [Avec le redémarrage] Silver Forks Bloody Fork initial damage reduced by 20%.
      • Lady of Virtue
        • [Avec le redémarrage] Holy Bulwark absorption reduced by 10%.
      • Attumen the Huntsman
        • [Avec le redémarrage] Immaterial Presence damage reduced by 50%.
    • Return to Karazhan: Superior
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Wrathguard Flamebringer Chain damage reduced by 20%.
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Wrathguard Flamebringers no longer cast Slide.
      • Shadow of Medivh
        • [Avec le redémarrage] Redyut Guardian Images Shimmer damage by 25%.
      • Mana Devourer
        • [Avec le redémarrage] Energy Discharge damage reduced by 30%.
      • Viz’aduum the Watcher
        • Shadow Mucus damage increased by 150%, movement speed reduced by 100%, and radius reduced to 4 meters (was 6 meters).
    • Tazavesh: Stratagem of So’leah
      • [Avec le redémarrage] Invigorating Fishstick cast time increased to 2 seconds (was 1.5 seconds).

Items and Rewards

  • [Avec le redémarrage] Slaughterer’s Stun Grenade versatility increased by 96%.
  • [Avec le redémarrage] Fleshrazor Butcher’s Fang intelligence increased by 17%.
  • [Avec le redémarrage] Kihra’s Adrenaline Injector agility increased by 17%.
    • Developers’ note: Updated several Warlords of Draenor Mythic+ trinkets to modern standards.