Cristina Cordula at worst and amputated, a real misfortune.

Cristina Cordula

Cristina Cordula! With the approach of the winter period, fans of the Queens of shopping will have to be patient.

This is not necessarily said, but initially, the Queens of Shopping program did come from Turkey. The minimum we can say is that Cristina Cordula presents the show with great success and a lot of dynamism.

Cristina Cordula: a very talented fashion queen.

And the day-to-day management of the participants is far from simple for the facilitator. Between those who do not follow the subject or who are too traditional, she will have to make a compromise.

Unfortunately, we cannot know what the latter will achieve thanks to the funding that M6 will use. Because ultimately, it is the elements that spice up the competition!

Serious among themselves, the candidates have regularly made life difficult for our fashion trends expert! But luckily, every time, someone stands out and wins the support of everyone there.

During this penultimate week of July, M6 thwarts the projects of Desperate Housewives fans. Of course, the desire to resume everything from the 5th season had greatly fueled the controversy on the Web.

But here, by noting the suppression of the emission the “Queens of the shopping”, one attends the great panic of the supporters of Cristina Cordula! How is it that you take such an initiative without preparing them? This is so ridiculous!

The public in shock over the cancellation of the program “Les Reines du shopping”.

In addition, immediately after the classic TV movie after the news, viewers will have the pleasure of discovering 2 episodes of Incredible Transformations. Certainly, it is somewhat reminiscent of The Queens of Shopping insofar as a postulant will come out of it totally transformed and a lot of serenity to face her future. With the success of its hairdressers, fashion professionals and make-up artists, we are witnessing exceptional sequences!

Shortly after this temporary change of Queens of shopping, the French will discover Camera Sofa. M6 spoke at length about this new program. The principle is quite clear. Six carefully chosen groups of people will analyze what is going on in the others.

Of course, summed up as it is People Act Magazine, it looks like a reality TV program diverted to the maximum. However, given the devices implanted on the participants, persuading them was far from obvious! How do you see the situation?

The participants of this new show: Camera Canapé.

By the way, the spectators are not Mr. and Mrs. Everybody. They could just as easily be a couple of actors from Our Dear Neighbors and César Wagner as specialists in Incredible Transformations.

In summary, once again, these are very familiar faces to M6 viewers. Does this comfort you or upset you? Let us know in the comments to our article! If you too would prefer that Cristina Cordula from the Queens of Shopping participate in the party, know that it is still a possibility!

At People Act Magazine, we do not understand why M6 decided to cancel the Les Reines du shopping program. Cristina Cordula was able to boast of standing up to the passage of the Tour de France. Thus, during the day of July 16, it made 5.2% of the market share. And more generally, over the whole week, it was around 4%. Which is really excellent from the point of view of a summer month!

Be that as it may, the arrival of Camera Sofa to replace the Queens of Shopping is causing havoc. And if one day things go in the right direction with the public, M6 will have to reconsider the situation and give it a piece of the cake in its back-to-school programming.

Cristina Cordula

We hope that Cristina Cordula does not permanently suffer the consequences of this decision: we miss her! Luckily, she entertains herself on social networks with her boy Enzo! A real treasure!