Catherine Laborde, Gaëtan Laborde or both? / Quiz /

 Catherine Laborde, Gaëtan Laborde or both?  / Quiz /

“You will forget me, not me. I like You ” , said Catherine Laborde during her last weather report on TF1 five years ago. But no, Catherine: the writing of SoFoot didn’t forget you. So, on the occasion of the 71and birthday of the former presenter, it was an opportunity to send Catherine into the ring against one of the sensations of our dear Ligue 1: Gaëtan Laborde. To use a concept well known to fans of the Burger Quiz football version: Gaëtan Laborde, Catherine Laborde or both?

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1- Both, of course. Catherine has nevertheless spent 28 years announcing good and bad news for the residents of the Breton metropolis. For Gaëtan, the numbers speak for themselves. Quite naturally, the inhabitants of Rennes ask themselves: “Why oppose these two monsters? »

2- Catherine probably likes to run, but in this area, Gaëtan is unplayable. Unplayable, the SRFC striker is also unplayable for his peers if we compare him to other active pros: with an average of 10.2km traveled/match, Laborde is quite simply at the top of the five major championships in this area. CIES says so!

3- One was born there (Gaëtan), the other declaimed his name just after the most watched television news in Europe more than any other Frenchman who does not live in Mont-de-Marsan (Catherine). Draw !

4- At the time these lines are written, only Catherine Laborde (in 2012) has heard the famous gimmick live “Felindra, tiger head!” » But we’re taking bets that in a few years, Gaëtan will come face to face with the mysteries of Father Fouras.

5- No one has forgotten Catherine’s last weather report, the 1er January 2017. But we shouldn’t skip the fact that a year earlier, when looking for playing time in Bordeaux, Gaëtan had gone to Clermont to destroy everything. Mission accomplished with eight goals in eighteen games played.

6- There is always an answer that is easier than the others in a MCQ. We would have liked it to be Catherine’s nickname for a laugh, but no, it’s Gaëtan we’re talking about here. As he told West France in 2021: “It’s a nickname with the friends of Mont-de-Marsan. For several things. Usually, when I get home, we try to make the most of it as we don’t see each other often. And in relation to football too, because they think I’m a little devil in football and they like that. It’s a little wink. »

7- Gaëtan, there again! Besides, imagine that Mickaël has a fine reputation in the middle of amateur football. Football is a family affair.

8- Both my captain! Catherine for the presentation of the poster, Gaëtan for hoping to go there one day.

9- Trap: it’s Catherine! Gaëtan never really shone at the Parc des Princes against PSG, while Catherine had put on a one-woman show with Guy Carlier and François Rollin ten years ago entitled With time.

10- Catherine was invited and even columnist in the program of Cyril Hanouna known as “Baba” entitled Do not touch My TV ! » , while Gaëtan, for his part, challenged left-back Baba Rahman of Reims with Montpellier on February 24, 2019 for a 4-2 victory. Yes, he had planted that day.

11- On the set of Big Newspaper of Canal + in 2013, Catherine Laborde interrupts the current discussions and releases a tirade that has become legend in the Yonne: “I apologize for interrupting you, but the people of Auxerre are furious that people say that it has been gray there for two months. They insist on saying that, from time to time, it is sunny. » Great Catherine.

12- Catherine, again! It was the investigative site Here who sold the wick with a catchy phrase: “Catherine Laborde wants your well-being. The TF1 weather presenter revealed her dream: to become a magician to change the weather and give you sunshine. »

13- The Vélib for Catherine, glitter for Gaëtan.

14- For those who have not seen the difference between the MHSC stage and the system of alternating seasonal winds blowing at tropical latitudes from the sea to the mainland or from the mainland to the sea, shame on you.

15- Gaëtan Laborde likes more Game Of Thrones that you.

16- Our two subjects were born only 5 days and 43 years apart. Double correct answer.

17- Catherine has written books on her couple and on the Parkinson’s disease that affects her, Gaëtan has at least read to her, to our knowledge, that of his agent, Christophe Hutteau, entitled My Agent Secrets.

18- “The adrenaline rush when you go on air kills your appetite. When I leave the set, I’m never very hungry. , said Catherine Laborde. Gaëtan is hungry for titles, and we understand that.

19- One scoured the stadiums to shake the nets, the other pointed out all the cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants possible and imaginable over the years.

20- An easy way to finish and wish you a good Sunday!

By Andrea Chazy
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