Carrefour hits hard by offering you 30 products for €30, the equivalent of a week’s worth of shopping for a family

Carrefour frappe fort en vous offrant 30 produits pour 30€, l’équivalent d’une semaine de courses pour une famille

For some time now, the French have watched helplessly as the prices of consumer products rise. The least we can say is that life is not easy for some people. And this, while they do their best to support themselves and their families.

The brand spoils its customers

Fortunately, several stores have become aware of the situation. They are trying somehow to help these people with their financial problem. After Lidl’s “helpful boost” or the sale of fruits and vegetables at bargain prices at Aldi, it’s now Carrefour’s turn to spoil its customers.

As announced by the LSA site, the brand allows consumers to fill a basket with around thirty everyday products, at only €30. Incredible, don’t you think?

“30 essential products at only €30 to continue living without deprivation”, can we read on the panels visible at the entrance to Carrefour stores.

Note that customers are free to put as many products as they want, provided that it does not exceed thirty.

What products can you buy?

For information, not all the products sold at Carrefour can be acquired with the amount of €30, since the brand has bet on those that are important on a daily basis. As a result, yoghurts with an unusual flavor or even coconut oil do not count.

On the other hand, canned corn, which is worth €0.49, as well as rapeseed oil, at €1.89 per liter, are among these essential products that can be purchased at this price of €30 offered by Carrefour. . Otherwise, wheat flour, which is sold at €0.72 per kilo and shells, €1.22 per kilo, are also mentioned among these 30 references.

As for children’s snacks, you can also buy biscuits and round bars with a fresh flavor (€0.49). For dessert, Carrefour has also included dark chocolate bars in these 30 products, which are worth €1.49 for the two 200 g bars.

According to Carrefour, this basket of 30 products that it offers allows a family to eat for a week. This “anti-inflation challenge” of the brand has been applied since June 22, 2022 in the Carrefour hypermarket in Drancy (93), in the Paris region.

Over time, it will also be visible in other brand stores in several places in France. According to information from LSA, this strategy to fight price increases will last until July 31, 2022, but could notably be extended after this date.

Another “anti-inflation challenge” launched earlier

This is not at all the first time that Carrefour has launched a strategy to fight against inflation. Remember that at the beginning of June, the brand had already launched a “tight price” operation which is only intended for national brands, that is to say, brands produced in France.

This method consists in preserving the prices of the most purchased products of the customers. These products include Lotus toilet paper, Tropicana orange juice, Caprice des Dieux cheese, Carte Noire coffee and Ariel washing powder. Moreover, as we had already said at the top of the article, Lidl has also acted in the face of inflation which has affected France for a few months.

To do this, the brand has set up the “Coup de Pouce qui t’aut la cost” since May 19, 2022. This operation allows customers with a Lidl loyalty card to benefit from a good 5% off every month. An offer that can be applied to everything sold in Lidl stores, without restriction or even a condition of income or family composition.

This “anti-inflation challenge” that the brand has put in place may be valid until the end of August. To benefit from it, you must activate the discount voucher in the Lidl app and show it at the checkout when purchasing.