Caroline Margeridon (Case concluded) in a mini bikini, she bewitches the Web at 55

Caroline Margeridon (Affaire conclue) en mini bikini, elle envoûte la Toile à 55 ans

Very active on social networks, Caroline Margeridon exchanges regularly with her virtual community. If most of the time, she posts videos of her passages in “Affaire Conclue”, it also happens to her to make posts a little less professional. This was particularly the case in July 2020. At the time, she published a video that caused a sensation on the web. A video in which she appears in a swimsuit. Discover all the details.

An incredibly beautiful woman

Caroline Margeridon is a woman who knows her stuff, and that’s an understatement. Indeed, she knew how to make the right choices, and fought before arriving where she is now. Caroline launched herself into the business world in the 90s. She was CEO of a security company and a travel company for a time, before devoting herself fully to her passion.

His love for antiques has earned him participation in shows. She was notably seen in Box at auction, an adaptation of the American show Storage Wars. Obviously, it was the show “Affaire Conclue” that allowed Caroline to become known as a host. By presenting the program, she has become a fixture in the world of television.

A charm

Made up or natural, Caroline Margeridon is still as beautiful. Moreover, when she publishes photos of her on social networks, her subscribers are rarely disappointed. It must be said that the antique dealer loves to share with his virtual community. Whether on vacation or at work, when the mood takes her, she does not hesitate to pose for the greatest pleasure of her fans.

This was particularly the case last summer. So on vacation, she captivated her subscribers by posting photos of her in a swimsuit. Obviously, many were dazzled by her dream figure. It is clear that Caroline Margeridon knows how to play with her charm. In winter as in summer, it always appears as radiant. A devastating beauty which her daughter has obviously inherited.

You may not know it, but the presenter is a mother of two children, a girl and a boy. If the latter live withdrawn from the cameras, it happens that their mothers put them in the spotlight. This was the case, for example, when she put a photo of her daughter in an Instagram story. Thus, her subscribers were able to see how much she looks like her.

Once, Caroline also shared a sublime photo of herself in the company of her beloved daughter. Obviously very complicit with the latter, the presenter wrote in the caption:

“Great, a girls’ day out with my love @victoiremargeridon1! All that’s missing is my son @alexandre_margeridon. I hope yours will be as enjoyable. A thousand hugs my loves. »

In the comments bar, many of her subscribers found that mother and daughter are very similar.

“Always keep this beautiful complicity between mother and daughter, it’s great! “, “you are sublime, beauty is in the family”, “Daughter as pretty as her mother. Always love and kindness to you Caroline,” the comments read.

A sublime sequence

In July 2020, Caroline Margeridon posted a video that caused a sensation on the web. In the short sequence, she appears in a swimsuit and is still sublime. The video was intended to announce his arrival on the social network Tik Tok. Having gone viral within a few days, the sequence garnered more than 130,000 views.

The least we can say is that its subscribers were completely seduced. Many of them left a message in the comments bar.

“You are beautiful”, “Too beautiful”, “What a body! A bomb “, could we read.

A few weeks later, the antique dealer posted a video again, and once again it caused a stir. In this video which has been liked by more than 5000 people, she is displayed at the edge of a swimming pool. Always present when their favorite presenter publishes, many Caroline subscribers left a comment.