Blizzard shares more details about Warcraft Arclight Rumble – World of Warcraft

Blizzard shares more details about Warcraft Arclight Rumble - World of Warcraft

In an article published just now, Blizzard goes into more detail about Warcraft Arclight Rumble , a new mobile game in the Warcraft universe. Find all the info below.

Join us in a fun and whimsical game where you are in charge of your own army. Easy to understand, but difficult to master, Warcraft® Arclight Rumble™ will test players’ ability to create armies of minifigures to overcome the challenges that await them during each mission.

Created especially for mobile, Warcraft Arclight Rumble takes place in the famous universe of Warcraft and invites players to raise armies of the franchise’s most popular characters to battle it out in exciting scenarios designed to test their tactical wits.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble is the new sensation of the moment that is all the rage in all the inns and taverns of the fantasy world of Azeroth. The name of this incredible entertaining machine is on everyone’s lips! It works through a strange magic, that of gnome engineering, and allows the biggest names and the most formidable opponents of Azeroth to come to life in the form of miniatures before do battle on the battlefield.

Create your army of minifigures, starting with the chiefs — iconic characters from Warcraft such as Warsong Clan Leader Grommash Hellscream, or Archmage Jaina Proudmoore — and complete your roster with miniatures from troops and powerful spells. Each of the single-player missions presents a strategic challenge to solve, requiring you to adapt quickly in order to overcome these frantic trials.

  • Collect over 60 characters from the universe of Warcraft in the form of lovingly sculpted figurines.
  • Take on your opponents in an epic single-player campaign that includes over 70 missions.
  • Play cooperatively with your friends or put their armies to the test in competitive player versus player mode.
  • Brave dungeons or participate in perilous cooperative raids.
  • Join a guild, fight in PvP, and more.

Check out the gameplay overview to learn more.

Take part in the beta

Pre-register on the official website of Warcraft Arclight Rumble today. People with Android devices can also pre-register for the beta from the Google Play Store now. Head over to the official website to keep up to date with when the beta will be available on iOS.

Minimum system requirements for Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Available on iOS (6S and above) and Android (S7 and above).

Place your miniatures on the battlefield and PREPARE FOR FIGHT in the first Warcraft® on mobile, an action-packed strategy game!

This marvel of gnomish engineering draws crowds to every tavern, from Winterspring to Booty Bay. Players are invited to raise armies made up of their favorite characters from the universe. Warcraftto compete in unique missions designed to put their tactical mind to the test.

You will be able to lead lovingly sculpted, miniature armed forces in multi-lane combat and through dozens of unique missions.

  • Level up in an epic single-player campaign with over 70 missions, or join a guild and play cooperatively with your friends.
  • Put your army to the test by playing competitive player versus player mode.
  • Discover a new dungeon every week or participate in perilous cooperative raids every month.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble includes everything you could expect from a game Warcraft.

Collect them all!

Build your army of minifigures, choose your characters from over 60 heroes, villains, monsters and more from across the universe Warcraft, and turn the tide of battle. Each figure has unique abilities that can be enhanced with powerful talents. Each of them has its own truer-than-life personality. Create a brave army of your best troops and bravest strategists, so take advantage of their unique synergies or stick to a fun theme.

Grow your army by completing missions and quests in order to get coins. Coins can be used to buy miniatures, talents, experience and tomes to help you strengthen your army and wreak havoc!


In Warcraft Arclight Rumblethe family is the most important thing, it is there to help you:

  • the noble Alliance is full of defensive units and spells.
  • the worthy Horde is the ideal choice to overtake your opponents.
  • The brave members of blackrock will undermine your opponents’ defenses.
  • The Undead have impressive skeletal troops.
  • The beasts plains and jungles of Azeroth literally rush at your opponents.

Participate in conquest missions to earn bonus rewards by replaying levels with the leaders of the five families.


Someone has to be in charge of leading your diverse and varied troops. Leaders are the pillars on which the power of your army rests. Use them to help you build your strategy and adopt the style of play that suits you. The leader miniatures form the base of your army, the troop and spell miniatures are its strength.

Covenant: Alliance leaders encourage defense, healing, and concealment, as well as heavy spell use. Tirion Fordring, Maiev Shadowsinger, and Jaina Proudmoore put their talents to work for the Alliance.

Herd: Horde leaders like Grommash Hellscream, Sneed, and Cairne Bloodhoof encourage army buildup with a focus on getting extra gold, fast-attacking troops, and controlling the opponent with area stuns

Blackrock: Blackrock leaders like Rend Blackhand and General Drakkisath reward the deployment of powerful flying troops and frenzied elemental magicians capable of reducing the opponent to ashes.

Undead: undead leaders call upon the power of necromancy on the battlefield. The blood mage Thalnos becomes more powerful as he casts spells. Baron Rivendare takes advantage of the plentiful and expendable undead troops to survive on the battlefield.

Beasts: beast-type leaders like Charlga Razorflank can neutralize opposing defenses, allowing your many allied beasts to charge in and overwhelm them quickly. Other leaders like Lardeur prefer to unleash a deluge of fast troops on the opponent.

Change leaders and rearrange your troops between each stage in order to better meet the challenges that await you, and thus discover new synergies.

Trick : if you want to play with siege units, go for Sneed, which also has the trait Sneed is dead mine allowing your siege units to collect more gold. Do you want to dominate the skies with an aerial assault? Go for Ren Blackhand, which will allow you to spend less gold when using your flying units thanks to the ability Darkened skies.

Cards where joyful chaos reigns

Your miniatures need a place to let off steam! With more than 70 cards available, you will be able to have fun. Progress as you battle through various multi-lane maps and take on increasingly tough opponents as you level up and improve your skills.

When the serious stuff begins, take to the battlefield with your army of choice and prepare to attack the boss while defending your base at all costs. If your base’s hit points deteriorate and it dies, you will lose the battle.

Meeting stones and towers

Capture objectives like encounter stones and guard towers. This will allow you to deploy your miniatures closer to the boss, and give you a definite advantage on the battlefield. On the other hand, if your opponent takes control of the meeting stone or the guard towers, and your defense leaves something to be desired, you will be doomed! Master the abilities of your miniatures to achieve victory.

Gold deposits and treasure chests

Feel free to get your hands on all that glitters! It is important to collect gold if you want to dominate the lanes. Gold deposits and treasure chests are waiting for you, and the more gold you get, the more chaos you will wreak on the battlefield.

The campaign and the quests

The campaign will allow you to explore the map through increasingly difficult areas, but you can also take on conquest missions to test your mettle and earn bonus rewards. To earn these rewards, you’ll need to be strategic and choose your miniatures wisely to claim victory.

Obtain gold coins and tomes containing EXP to use to reinforce your troops. To do this, complete daily quests, regardless of the level of your army. Be quick, because the daily quests are fleeting and eventually disappear.

Get your hands dirty in dungeons and raids

Brave dungeons or participate in perilous cooperative raids.

Competitive and cooperative games

Play the campaign mode solo, or prove your mastery of miniatures by facing an opponent or a friend in epic PvP combat on a randomly chosen map. The miniatures are at level 1, but can be modified thanks to the available slots and talents. Achieve victory and earn EXP to keep leveling up your troops.

Guilds aren’t just for interacting with your friends. By joining a guild in Warcraft Arclight Rumble, you’ll bond with your sidekicks and improve your cooperative playstyle. Plan your adventures by chatting with your comrades and working together to get rewards.