Blizzard Previews Realm of Damnation Zone – Diablo Immortal

Blizzard Previews Realm of Damnation Zone - Diablo Immortal

In an article published just now, Blizzard gives an overview of the Realm of Damnation zone, the last region of Diablo Immortal which was not accessible during the Closed Beta. Discover it without further delay below!

If you haven’t been following the Diablo Immortal Closed Beta, this preview looks at what happens after the end of the adventure in the Frozen Tundra zone. If you are missing any information on this, you can always catch up. Warning, spoilers!

The launch scenario Diablo® Immortal™ sends you on a mad dash for the cataclysmic fragments of the World Stone, the artifact used to create Sanctuary. After exploring frozen wastes, swamps, and graveyards teeming with the undead, your quest takes you to a place never before seen by those who participated in the Closed Beta.

the realm of damnation is the personal hell of a demon lord. This area is located in the Underworld and Skarnthe diabolical genius in search of the fragments of the Stone-World, acts there as judge, juror and executioner (repeatedly).

I’m Ryan Quinn, Narrative Designer of Diablo Immortal, and I am accompanied by Hunter Schulz, artistic director. We will be your guides through the Underworld of Skarn, and we will discuss with you his machiavellian plan.

At the end of the Frozen Tundra quest, you will follow Skarn to his lair and discover the fate he has in store for humanity and the World Stone. However, you will not find yourself facing the lord of damnation and his armed forces right away.

The forest of misfortune

We want to limit landscapes that are too strongly reminiscent of the Underworld, even if you shouldn’t end up wondering whether you’re in hell or not… But the different areas on the Diablo Immortal maps are vast, and we have at heart to bring you a variety of visuals, so that your adventure remains always as interesting. This also makes it easier to memorize the most addictive places and moments of play.

You will first have to cross the strange canopy of the Forest of Malheur. Gnarled Soldiers and Grasshoppers swarm the darkness, and the latter having disappointed Skarn, their bodies were fused with elements of the realm as punishment.

The Old Growth, voiced by James Goode, is the forest’s most impressive and venerable hazard.

We tried to reflect the shapes and colors of the environment when designing the creatures in Realm of Damnation (so as to offer different demons than you usually see in the Underworld).

We wanted to give the impression that these demons have really evolved in this environment, that it has transformed them and that they are at home there.

The last remnant

Years ago, a group of sentry angels discovered the Realm of Damnation as it slowly emerged from hellish chaos. Trapped and far from the Heavens, they finally settled in the territory of Skarn. Leaving the Forest of Woe, you will join the survivors besieging their camp: the last vestige.

The Angel Warchief, Verathiel, is truly ruthless. Its soldiers have hunted demons on the battlefields of Eternity for centuries. However, this enforced stay in the Realm of Damnation proved to be the greatest challenge they faced. Thanks to the angelic dagger Yl’nira, you can try to reunite your allies in the Underworld… if, however, you first manage to save them from their disastrous fate.

Skarn, Lord of Damnation

At the end of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction™, the Archangel Tyrael understood that the Stone-World had been corrupted and he broke it before it condemned Sanctuary. The resulting disaster split Tyrael and destroyed Arreat, along with much of the north. Skarn’s only goal now is to put the pieces back together.

Drawing Brom

Yet, little is known about him. Upon defeating the Primal Demons in Diablo II, war raged in the Underworld, with no one really standing out, despite the fact that Azmodan and Belial themselves claimed vast kingdoms. Skarn was then able to prosper, but demonologists cannot say for sure whether he himself led an army, or whether he simply used this conflict as an opportunity to seize certain areas of the Hells. Most specialists don’t even know his name.

One thing for sure about Skarn is that he is particularly interested in humanity. In just a few years, he has managed to gather a number of followers who are doing everything possible to swell their ranks in the Western kingdoms. The power of creation is almost within their reach.

The soundscape of the kingdom

Our team ensured that Skarn’s cruelty and lofty ambitions took root in every dark corner of the area, not least through sound effects. Don’t hesitate to listen to “Kingdom of Damnation”.

You will regularly hear Skarn, who is voiced by Steve Blum, and Verathiel, voiced by Kimberly Brooks, once the Realm of Damnation is in your hands.

Demonic portals

There is nothing very inviting about this place, since it is a cemetery strewn with bones and bristling with rocks, under which a network of thin membranes retains an infernal and fiery core.

The area of ​​Skarn is full of activities. In the heart of this wild nature, the gaming experience will be similar to that of the other zones of Diablo Immortal : Dens, bounties, events, quests, and a plethora of loot await you.

Zones in Diablo Immortal are vast spaces packed with enemies, events, hidden lairs and treasure. As a point of reference: in red, the map outline of Diablo III’s Fields of Misery; in blue, the Realm of Damnation.

Unique challenges await you in the Underworld. From Demonic portals appear several times a day and randomly in the Realm of Damnation. To bolster his armies, Skarn opened his gates to demons from another part of the Underworld. The latter have a certain time to cross portals which are located on both sides of the map. Hunt them down in groups of three, go through the door and eliminate them before they come to reinforce the powerful Legions of Damnation. These kinetic fights will allow you to get important rewards, as well as additional loot three times a day.

New Dungeon—Dread Pit

The Dread Pits are also of central importance in Skarn’s plan, since many abyssal gargantuas from the depths of the Underworld constantly appear there. One of the pits in question serves as a dungeon in this area. Once you set foot on its shores, you’ll have to face armed demonic cultivators, as well as a gigantic boss in the bloodiest fight in the game.

Zaka is one of the most memorable enemies you’ll encounter in the Realm of Damnation. It might not be obvious at first glance, but this is a monster of monumental proportions. Plus, there’s a surprise waiting for you in this fight, and we can’t wait to see your reactions when you discover it.

In each of the games of the saga Diablo, your adventure takes you through dark landscapes that seem almost real, as well as places that have simply come from another world. We’re thrilled to be able to show you another side of the Underworld, with an approach that sometimes deviates from the horns and lava settings you might expect.

But don’t be afraid! We still like lava and horns so much, you’ll see. The whole team of Diablo Immortal can’t wait to see you in the Underworld!