Audrey Pulvar reacts without detour

Anne-Sophie Lapix : la journaliste lève le voile sur sa relation privilégiée avec une star du ballon rond

Anne-Sophie Lapix annoys several political figures. Moreover, it is for this reason that it was banned from the debate between the two rounds. Instead, we had Gilles Bouleau and Léa Salamé on our screens. But, we cannot avoid the journalist every time. Indeed, for the last week of the campaign for the two candidates, Emmanuel Macron went to the JT of France 2. One thing is certain, Anne-Sophie Lapix has not softened despite the criticism of her. She remained direct, punctilious and got the job done. This Thursday, April 21, Audrey Pulvar reacted to Twitter and praised the pugnacity of his colleague. If you missed this scene, we’ll tell you about it!

Anne-Sophie Lapix annoys political figures

This Sunday, April 24, the campaign is well and truly over for Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. But not for the French! Don’t forget that there is a third round with the legislative elections. In any case, the last two in the list gave everything until the last minute. The President of the Republic defended his record this Thursday, April 21 on the set of JT de France 2. Anne-Sophie Lapix asked him to speak about the war in Ukraine, purchasing power and the economy.

We remember that for the debate between the two rounds this Wednesday, April 20, the leader of the national rally accused Emmanuel Macron of “climatohypocrite”. Anne-Sophie Lapix did not hesitate to return to the delicate and too often forgotten subject of ecology: “You have passed a law that provides for 40% reduction greenhouse gases compared to 1990 by 2030, but Europe has raised this objective to 55%, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he promised 65%… Don’t you lack ambition ?”

Anne-Sophie Lapix points to the many imports

Emmanuel Macron begins his defense and tells him that he wants to go ” twice as fast as what we have done in the last five years” to achieve its ambitions. The journalist from France Televisions precise : “Twice as fast becausethere are also more imports and that these imports produce… in these countries, we produce greenhouse gases”. This response was warmly welcomed by Audrey Pulvar on Twitter. “That moment when Anne-Sophie Lapix reminds Emmanuel Macron of the existence of our gas emissions greenhouse gases (a reality clearly unknown to the outgoing president). Thank you ! »writes his colleague, accompanying his publication with the hashtags “Climate” and “Let’s be serious”.

Emmanuel Macron does not let himself be destabilized by the journalist

Of course, the Head of State is not at his first attempt, so he does not let himself be done and continues his remarks in front of Anne-Sophie Lapix: “For gone, but not only. We gotta go twice as fast compared to our benchmark of 90. So what should we do about that? Succeed more quickly in changing our fleet of vehicles, that’s what I want to do (…). We have helped a million households to go much faster with this leasing system for the most modest households”. He couldn’t help but remember thate “Madame Le Pen leaves the European project: her priority is to dismantle the wind turbines”.

Audrey Pulvar against the President of the Republic

Audrey Pulvar does not seem to appreciate the policy of Emmanuel Macron, because she attacked him several times. During an interview with Apolline de Malherbe in March 2021, on BFM TV, the journalist was deeply disappointed by the behavior of the Head of State and his management of the health crisis: “When I heard the president, I said to myself: ‘as usual, Emmanuel Macron decides and the French execute’. But maybe if he doesn’t feel remorse, because having remorse is feeling guilty, I don’t think he’s guilty, but at least could he have regrets, possibly“.