Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp: disgusted to be unloved during the trial, she makes a “bizarre” decision

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp: disgusted to be unloved during the trial, she makes a

For several weeks now, the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been held in the court of Fairfax, Virginia (USA). In this ultra-media affair, which can be followed live on YouTube, the ex-star of Pirates of the Caribbean is suing his ex-wife for defamation.

In question ? Following an article published in 2018 in the Washington Post in which the actress claimed to have been the victim of domestic violence during their marriage, Johnny Depp – who denies the facts and conversely accuses the latter of violence, deplores having was immediately boycotted by Hollywood and is now demanding $50 million in compensation from his ex-girlfriend.

Amber Heard loses media battle against Johnny Depp

For the time being, it is still too early to know what will be the judgment rendered at the end of this trial, but one thing is already certain: it is the actor who is winning the media battle today. Indeed, not a day goes by without witnessing mind-blowing revelations about Amber Heard, which undermine her own accusations and make her image sink a little more with the media, fans and professionals. .

Between the case of the poo in the bed, the promises of donations to associations not kept, the testimonies of police officers going against his versions, audio evidence of his own violence or even revelations of witnesses some of whom claim to have themselves taken to task by the actress, Amber Heard currently appears to be the big loser of this trial in the court of social networks!

The actress changes teams to regain popularity

Faced with this situation, which could therefore jeopardize his career (a petition to demand his departure from Aquaman 2 just hit 3 million signatures), Amber Heard – described as “frustrated“, decided to counter-attack and move up a gear. According to NBC News, the 36-year-old young woman would have decided to separate from Precision Strategies, her crisis management firm, in order to pay herself the services of Shane Communications, a competing company.

His goal ? Regain popularity with the public. As of now, it’s unclear how this will play out in practice, but while it was recently revealed that a lot of the messages of support for her on Twitter were the result of bots and not real people, we can legitimately think that all shots will be allowed to scratch the image of Johnny Depp.

Experts question this choice

Astonishing timing from the star – she is expected to take the stand in the coming days to be heard by lawyers in this trial, which has surprised all specialists in Hollywood. “After years of building around a particular narrative, you can’t change public opinion in just three weeks when someone is suing you.“, revealed an expert with the New York Post, while another revealed, “It’s crazy to change your team in the middle of a trial like this, just because you don’t like the headlines in the press. (…) [La nouvelle équipe] won’t be able to rewrite the history of what happened“.

For her part, another expert interviewed by People suggested that Amber Heard was not well prepared and that she was doing everything backwards by not prioritizing the right things: “Depp’s team has been on TV and in this trial for weeks. Inevitably, this translates into more media coverage for her, which I imagine did not please Amber Heard. But it’s just the reality of such a situation where the complainer comes first. To get through crisis situations like this, you need to be tough, which she doesn’t seem to have making such a change at such a strange time when she should be working on her offense.