Algeria-Cameroon: Serious accusations against Belmadi

Algeria-Cameroon: Serious accusations against Belmadi

Very critical of the Algeria-Cameroon referee, Djamel Belmadi is accused of incitement to violence. And some are demanding a sanction from CAF.

Tension is still high in African football after the verdict of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, and in particular the Algeria-Cameroon match. The Fennecs are still awaiting the result of their appeal, they who denounce the errors of the Gambian referee Bakary Gassama.

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Renewed Sunday at the head of the Algerian selection, Djamel Belmadi took the opportunity to put a layer in an interview with his Federation. In addition to denouncing the deep evils of arbitration in Africa, the former OM player made some controversial remarks about Bakary Gassama. ” Never again in life will we let two or three people conspire against our country, notably railed Belmadi. We will never again see a referee like that hurting a country. I have to say that I did not like at all the day after the departure of this referee, at Algiers airport, to see him comfortably seated in the lounges drinking a coffee with a millefeuille. (…) He took away the hope of a whole people and we leave him like that. I’m not saying kill…”

“He clearly incites violence”

For some, Belmadi’s words are very serious. “If the comments made by Djamel Belmadi go unpunished, no referee will be safe in Algeria. It clearly incites violence and physical aggression. Unacceptable, scandalous and intolerable”says Guinean journalist Tanou Diallo.

“Djamel Belmadi’s outing on the treatment he wanted Gambian referee Bakary Papa Gassama is an incitement to violence and words should not be feared, adds Chérif Sadio, the director of development of the Senegalese club Casa Sports. He took the opportunity to put a towel on his tactical errors during the elimination of Algeria…”

On Twitter, many Internet users condemned Belmadi’s remarks, and demanded sanctions from CAF…

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